Particularly yesterday was a full day at school (although the last class was cut back since there's nothing to teach just yet) and thus I want to snuggle into my new shoes and see how comfortable it is by walking in it the whole day.

Extra points for me for showing some school spirit, rockin' the school T-shirt with the rest of the outfit.

*The Executive red striped shirt, LASALLE 2009 tee, own ripped, studded and zipper added secondhand black jeans, leather eyelet shoes. Self-made flower necklace, necklace, bangle, indian bracelets, red clay flower ring.*

First pose inspired by Son Dambi. The shot was already overexposed but I loved it! So I added At this point I'm crazy over accessories; I usually don't. I have a whole standard box of it but of course it takes time to wear and put it off; it kind of annoys, but these little things, do bright up a standard outfit. A normal tee and knee-length pants I daily would wear, would look so dull. But adding a few long beaded necklace would do the trick now.

I haven't updated much yet on school, so last week was the first week however no classes has started yet but only an induction and introduction to the new module the college has been accredited for. And for an activity in the afternoon and somewhat an ice-breaker to the mind that has been frozen for 3 months as well as what it implies, teamwork with a mix of all-level students to create a garment using newspapers inspired by whoever designer we choose.

*The garment done, from the worm perspective, taking the weaving and fru-fru detail*

*with all the designers of the dress :)*

That was last week. This week, the 2nd, which was cut short since Monday was National day holiday and Tuesday was the college's founder's day holiday, so we had a long weekend! Recapping the weekend story short... I went downtown to meet Kevin after buying school items in Chinatown with Steven, going to Kinokuniya to enjoy the 20% off and wanting to get that Howl's Moving Castle sequel novel and the Minnk magazine - simply just had to get it! Then hung around ION again to go window shopping, me looking for shoes with the tag within my budget, but nothing seem to be right.

Either they have it but it's out of my price range, and then the others are just not aesthetically looking nice in my feet nor the style I like; seems these days stuff designed aren't good at all, nothing seems to interest me.

Good thing though...

...is seen at ION Orchard! Another high street to look out for!

Even though they only have the women selection for their whole two levels and not for teenagers nor men (well, there's still Zara as their neighbor and Topshop/Topman in an alley) a pair of shoes caught my eye. Wedges, studded, perfect! The price ain't for now but will see after sales, baby!

Food parade, the takoyaki with the young Japanese chef in the works is worth while the Q, heehee. And the takoyaki IS SIMPLY MARVELOUS IN THE MOUTH. And to make things even more complimentary, we both saw the chef throwing away a toppled messy takoyaki into the stove's corner, and it directly went to the bin, which I find it quite a waste... but yes, to meet the clean standards and all. How sad though. The taiyaki, sadly sucks. It has slipped off my mind that in Taka they sell taiyakis as well and cheaper than ION too! Will see the taste when I get to try.

Sunday was National Day, a dinner celebration in Jipe's house; the chicken and shrimp and of course the red bean dessert were the best! Couldn't stop taking, the you tiao with some meat/fish inside.

Monday... lazing around?

Tuesday, full day out! Far East Plaza, ION, Paragon, Takashimaya, full head on the malls! ... Continuing tmrw... zzzz


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