LOMO lala-land @ AFRICA

Summer 2009: Destination Bandung (home sweet home) and RSA (Rep. of South Africa) for vacation. Words are meaningless, thus visions supersedes.

The action starts now!

(with a slight intermezzo of not LOMO shots)

*Did you know? Crocodile meat is delicious not what you think it is? :D I LOVE IT!*

*one of my lunch... amazingly superb portion! and well, never underestimate me which I did to myself but I finished it all anyways. It consisted of one lobster, a whole fish fillet, calamari, oysters, and the salad*

*at the end of the world! the peak of Cape of Good Hope but alas, I guess the film didn't roll well and I'm DAMN PISSED. This photo should've been made history! T^T*

Fishball-Taemin-i did the rest of the magic under the fisheye lens. Whoop! This is not all but I don't have my own scanner yet so yeah... Too many prints are still waiting in my wardrobe.


Jessica said...

waa..u really eat the croco meat?awesome!!!
en i like ur photo also..=)

R@!$4 said...

Yup yups its squishy n white... but just to let them live just eat scallop tastes the same :P
haha arigatouuu i loike them very much too~