And the results are as follows...


this morning, I got and saw my assessment grades. I was surprised by it!


Not bad to start and at least I have passed along with Ashley, Kasey, and Miya to FC!

Ah, a quick upload on the final layout: what do you think compared to the real layout?
"Is this your reference page?"
"oh no no it's our page"

with one of the lecturer in grading the final FC presentation... not Daryl or Ginette... I forgot...

But I knew the write-up should be linked to the model, I've asked my hopeless teammates that should we (well, I, to be precise) do the write up like a feature, because this regards to the senior model we use, and Ilana's mom a jewelry designer herself, so I had the idea to introduce the page of a personal feature product, where in the story she's the one who has all those sunglasses and want to show off.

"oh no not necessary" is the only response. in the end i did it all. tiring to recap what had happened with that ridiculous noontime (however you regard it as dawn time) attitude, sure bring it on to the police what, i'll be arrested for 5 hours as a juvenile delinquent?
h-e-l-l-o-o-o we're all still underage. or you're probably officially a year older hence by month. but that doesn't mean you're mature.

Typography name mash-up project, using all the alphabets in our name to design a logo.

Would I be ready next year, to learn graphic design skills x advertising skills?
It's the bore and it demands scrutinizing accuracy and competent neatness.

I like what I see! Well, sorta. Can't be competitive in the new class either, full of super artsy fartsy director brainers that's too good too cool for school already.


70%: CCS essay!
50-65%: CCS presentation (if i remember correctly)
45%: textiles! i've improved, at least my lecturer knows I did try!
50%: VP Digital (odoroku!)
66%: FM presentation
50%? good: pattern drafting (hooray! sudden increase!)

//hmm...wadelse i think that's it.//

Which of the five, you shall ask for specialism?
journalism, styling, adverstising, photography, art director

 hmmm, currently i do not know the pathway i want but, later in the future i would definitely know.

arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh holiday results are such a turnover though.
Gaining kilos is NOT a good effect while it should be more exersizing rather than gaining in the holidays.

then what made me tick off today is because my desktop back home seems to always pop out technical problems, this time my parents' can't hear me through skype, i've waited the whole night fighting off my snooze and hunger, and in the end I grabbed big bites of wholemeal bread and scoops of chunky Skippy, and I wasn't that sleepy anymore, and thus since I was irritated by the calls, hung up and immediately rang back, it's absolute annoying with the ringing voice. When I came back from the toilet I saw the message "I dont know whats happening mom says bye2" wahlau I just got so emotional I ATE ALREADY LIKE 300+ CALORIES because of waiting! Then i shouldn't have just slept my hunger which i planned to but my mind keeps telling me to eat, so I went to my fridge and gave up, looking at the leftover bread pack and Skippy.


Just pissed.

wanted to show the images of the leather bag and go jane shoes and jacket.


a bad way to end the day. start the day. whatevs. still peeved.



 How long have I been missing in your window screens?
  I have no idea. Fashion studies has taken control my time.

But I'm now alive again, right after submissions. SATURDAY 28th I CANNOT WAAAAAITTTT TO REACH HOME AND STUFF MYSELF AGAIN (to satisfy the dragon inside my stomach currently) safely and sound and list all the things I gotta do...

1st week: Nihon Noryoku Shiken motto benkyou!
2nd week: (hope to get in the exhibition) LOMONESIA exhibitionist
3-4th week: Off to Japan and hope to roam around Tokyo city for a day like a lost puppy
5-6th week: My teeth operation?And send myself back to Singapore.

To prep things up for the 3-4th week...
Absolute research on the Japanese street style scene, confessing that I'm trying over exceedingly dress to impress at least for this travel's photos (very ambitious, thank you)

All images were taken from the best Japanese street style bible at Fashion Snap complete with detailed zoom accessories, fully sided. I can't get enough of them tbqh.

                                                                                                                                      full length shots


DIY tights color mixing inspiration! Only at We Love Colors...
(I really want the basic patterned tights and thigh-high striped in a variety which totals about US $70 when I checked out. Oh dear. Rp 700,000 for 7 tights. Yikes!
あのタイツわとひざうえといろーいろ色ひざうえline patterned わかいたい!)

oh ooh oooh (well believe it or not I've typed this out 3-4 times due to sudden Mozilla crash and other stupid technological reasons I've clicked save as draft but pictures appear but not this writing was totally peeved and is still) the patterns, textures, solid color clashing, and drapery...

DIY on the accessories (bracelet, necklace, trinkets, badges, anything to add the party!), Japanese fabric small vest plan, more Japanese fabric hunting, more pattern drafting cutting and sewing, tie-dye the white socks (planned since that summer project) and get more secondhand treasures!

aand wa-wa-wa-wa-iit are those audio-technica? I'm in need of big headphones to rock on the Harajuku streets and it was told that even in Akihabara electronics are still exp, better to get it here//ALSO looking at audio-chi's black-purple/pink dotted...
i wanted a all white headphone, circle, that covers the whole ear totally outside (usually the upside down egg shape would suit best but it doesn't look as nice as circle) or those 2NE1/G-D headphones...

 but, I'll leave the decision to you guys PPMIS you guys choose it's your late late gift for my 17th year on earth celebration... :D
(it's gettin' late here i wannit before christmas trip! XD)

I spent $300 on this whim. It was a given.

I've totally forgotten about this high street store so much better than Topshop and its likes due to high demand in Desigual and since this year's collection had been a bore (where high street copies the runway) so we're now left with die-hard sharp shoulders or shoulder-innovations fad however something me like too... sigh...


 *Leather slouch bag, the moment I had rested its bag on my shoulders, I couldn't let it go, it drops just nice. TOO nice. MOOMMMM please bring this to the bag maker now! Hope it would have the same quality durability :)*

even more in my list: grey long-sleeved puffy dress (reminds me of my lecturer), Go Jane cheap boots, and whatever I'll see downtown tomorrow . . . . . . . . . . . -whoooops-


 BoA's new look of a shorter hair cut and an awesome stylist, reminds me of Mia's all-geometric black-white getup dressup. Anyhow this bump bump bump music is absolutely ringing my ears, and Crystal Kay and m-flo and Utada Hikaru and Becca should keep me company throughout the journey.

gn: center;">

2PM tribute for its style, the former hubby look-a-like Junho in one August live performance, with the fad trend of focusing embellishments of sharp cuts in a garment : the shoulders.
Chains and studs and shiny still follows along


Light L e a k s.

The experimentation results with the 135mm frame for Holga lended by Farah since summer is now developed. Yes, yes, over 6 months these are planted inside my Minhwan's Key.

 Fashion Product Shot Project

*most unexpected triple multiple exposure with the composition that's speechlessly perrfecto. No further explanation. MWAH.*

*The MOST <3 <3 <3 light leak where it's place at just the right curve and place, over the sunglasses. I wonder.*


  Little India Trip

*Pretty tchotchkes along the road with two expsures shot on flower and the hanging trinkets*


  This and That from All Over the Place

*...End up reading all to myself.*


*Dolls with blue and red flash*

*Soul Sister. Mother. Mother of God, always there to intercede and pray for us, blessing.*

And since I've developed it with the know-it-all Lomo Uncle Mike was making a hassle (had been prewarned he would) that "this is only for medium format why use 35mm that's why it's not optimal and bla bla bla"
Well well well I know it's only for practiceeeeeeeee but I'm still gonna use if Farah lets me borrow again this winter, this time square formatted!

With black tape and paper and tape on both sides to make the frame square and not rectangle.
Bahahahahahahaha *victory laugh*

This is post-assessment syndrome do not follow, I restate, it's not funny at all. My brain's not in my mind already!



butt moving sensation with a strong "OMPH!" OHMY

Intro video to the super duper cool Wrong Number

reminds me of Tae goon's MV oh SHOOT me

who else can this silhouette be, the husky curly Parky kekeke~

who can ever resist but sorry, I don't know which one's which! Hehe~

Changmin's beautiful melody solo with adorable set design AND TVXQ members flying throughout!

Love in the Ice moment

Embed is not allowed, go search for it! 3rd Asia MIROTIC concert full subbed. Amazing - i've got my bristles all over and what if I was in the live concert my heart would fly, fly away, love!

Lee Soo Man you money suckerrrrr.
I want my oppas back singing!

SHINee with their new Me2Day page which is one of my bookmarks and probably my homepage soon, cute cute Taemin with this image after their victorious won of 1st place beating SS501,
the transparent award fits his face cutely! >3<
my little brother knows how to spoil nuna XD

 Le boyfriend with his assymetric awesome new dyed haircut and the award!

Apparently, the rising secret star in fashion which is matter of factly le boyfriend,
Key, made his own troll rings!
Wow he's got some crafty skills in creating DIY rainboots as well:

Can it be anymore fateful with this milky skin boy?

Because he says he's an aspiring designer! An interest in fashion! In photography! In anything I currently like! Ohmona~

Never stop making fangirls happy. Le boyfriend's now a regular of becoming those Wonder Girls Generation parodies - high voice compared to MC MONG "DJ, put it back on!"


former hubby with his band and the new awesome singles they've released both in Japan and Korea - ALL THE SONGS ARE LOVE. No fashion trends they're following but their concepts are always uniformed, quite minimal changes (not as innovative as SHINee) because they're a rockin' band!
I love their old Rock Prince look though - oh so handsome!
The new tour isn't stunning much, Men's Story?

크노래ㅘ사랑 <3

That Hongki shot... Mario, is it your vest? XD

Maknae Seunghyun, a person I've never gotten updated ever since Wonbin left and songs weren't as melodious as the previous albums, was a model for the 2010 runway shows; showing a new fierce side!
Jonghyun, is a WOW makeover.
Truthfully I didn't even recognize at a glance Seunghyun's face is different!And that blue highlights with that stern, he somewhat resembles dear old hubby Lee Jun-ki, that sharp angle chin.

Doing old TVXQ digging with Junsu bugging with his Konglish practicing, Japanese feature and funny happenings, I miss them so much.