Light L e a k s.

The experimentation results with the 135mm frame for Holga lended by Farah since summer is now developed. Yes, yes, over 6 months these are planted inside my Minhwan's Key.

 Fashion Product Shot Project

*most unexpected triple multiple exposure with the composition that's speechlessly perrfecto. No further explanation. MWAH.*

*The MOST <3 <3 <3 light leak where it's place at just the right curve and place, over the sunglasses. I wonder.*


  Little India Trip

*Pretty tchotchkes along the road with two expsures shot on flower and the hanging trinkets*


  This and That from All Over the Place

*...End up reading all to myself.*


*Dolls with blue and red flash*

*Soul Sister. Mother. Mother of God, always there to intercede and pray for us, blessing.*

And since I've developed it with the know-it-all Lomo Uncle Mike was making a hassle (had been prewarned he would) that "this is only for medium format why use 35mm that's why it's not optimal and bla bla bla"
Well well well I know it's only for practiceeeeeeeee but I'm still gonna use if Farah lets me borrow again this winter, this time square formatted!

With black tape and paper and tape on both sides to make the frame square and not rectangle.
Bahahahahahahaha *victory laugh*

This is post-assessment syndrome do not follow, I restate, it's not funny at all. My brain's not in my mind already!

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