A LOMO lala-land First Post

As a budding still amateur lomo-taker, I have an affinity and respect to any format of Lomography to its little tidbits. Same like photography, but much more than that. Because of my first Lomo camera, which is the Fisheye 2 I named Taemin, courtesy of my little dongsaeng in SHINee, changed my world. I now despise digital in a way and is a fan of negatives!

Wanted to get a DSLR but now it’s to get those ex analog cameras like Blackbird or Lubitel and those small cameras which uses 110 films which are the expensive part of it. Grrrr curse you cameras that makes me go wild. Oh, not forgetting a Fuji Instax since Polaroid would seriously kill me and forget the rest of my camera dreams in lala land which I do want to make it come true.

While hunting for little shops in Bandung, Happy Go Lucky, the shop in Diana post I introduced much earlier, but couldn’t find anything to my likes or it’s just out of budget (DIY time!) such a coincidence that next to the store has this Lomography thing going on, so I went to check it out.

Turns out it was a mini exhibition that showcases Lomo Lubitel users from around Asia. It was stunning!

The colors, professional multiple exposures and just photos in a square.

Brilliant captures of colors in just a square.


My first holga roll, my third Lomo camera I acquired named Minhwan courtesy of my 4th hubby, has been printed. And last week I’ve printed from my second camera, an Anna Sui Supersampler I now name Little Anna and her friends (4 lens but I think the last is not working) second roll is out! I just need a scanner to post the images to the forum!

DAYS TO AFRICA (should I bring all my three Lomo’s? OH NO): 6!!!

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Sorry, Sir, I don't think you're doing your job very well. Breaking your own set of rules, not being cautious in the street?
Only in Outer Ring Road Jakarta, Indonesia.


So far…

As promised, I would have a productive summer indeed (I SHOULD have).

In Singapore I would be 24/7 online when I’m not in school. However back home I would be doing this (so this should explain the hiatus of my blogging).

So whilst trying to loose some EXTRA EXTRA weight baggage on my body, my mom ‘hired’ me without my CV and agreement or even a ‘yes’ to “Clean the wood panels outside until it’s white!”

So here I am cleaning like a monkey. It’s not funny. It’s tiring. But since I have nothing better to do and I could sweat a bit out so here I am cleaning dirt and dust on each top rectangle panels. I didn’t mind though; cleaning when I put my mind to it I’ll do it well.

As for expanding my wardrobe, Ouval, a local Bandung brand has another sale as it does every 6 months. This time it’s their 12th anniversary. Hooray for me scoring 2 tees at 70% off! And a pair casual jeans at knee length. FYI, this store is my official tee store. I don’t get tees anywhere else. They have the most affordable and flattering tees for moi body. . .(image waiting from Taemin's eye to be developed!)

Meanwhile, my brain is crafting some DIY mischievousness. Depends on my mood (sometimes at night I would pray I HAVE and WOULD and CAN wake up early, and would have a creative mind and would want to continue my craft projects) and if I’m feeling creative or just plain holiday sluggish… But I do have progress!

*One hand knitting which now I have forgotten how since I lost interest in it (aka. not in the mood.) Sorry gran, I’m now ready to re-listen whatever you said last time.*

*Artificial flower necklace. I made two, I think I’ll let one go. Hmmm. If anybody’s interested then a mass production it is if my hand allows*

On spotting some seriously good stuff that relates to my future career, here’s the newest (actually discovered it more than a month ago but I’m too lazy to post until this program-TTYL to this) Topshop collaboration. I’m not a Topshop fan, but the designer is the one I’m after.

Her drawings are boldly beautiful!

*My favorite part. Now you see it now you don't!

It’s gone.*

Barbara Hulawski (from what I read right now since I’ve forgotten, really, sorry would update and edit if I find the one) is a designer from a country somewhere definitely in the Europe region. It has been up since the end of April, online, for her designs. Personally haven’t checked it out and I think I do not want to since it would make more infatuation and just a great disappointment that I can’t get it after all unless it’s sold in stores. Standing ovation behind my laptop screen for her preview!


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On a Summer Hiatus.

Where the internet doesn't work as well as in Singapore, and I do not like to stay still on a chair typing and surfing the web for hours and hours where there's nature outside my window to be breathed.

(Singapore, of course, do not have that. So there's nothing best else to do but to go online the whole day.)

It's been actually like what, almost 3 weeks I'm here! And I have accomplished a few of the many ambitious summer ahead and the list still goes on I don't know!

While then my BlogLovin' roll rolls on like crazy with over 200+ post I never do check it out (the more I see clothes the more I would be bored and need a vacation from it) and here are some clicks and picks...

seriously, after my denim project, now there's so many denim... how to say... destroyers?
And more fringe effect due to the current trend wave...
via fashion suicide

afterall it's still the studs fever!
Would want to do something like this :)

via A Perfect Guide

Frou-frouness! How cute with the skirt and a bike. And the shoes. CUTE.
Hooray for Eco-Fashion! (somehow)
via Tokyo Street Style

Kimora Lee's BabyPhat has landed in Seoul, Jewelry as the 'ambassadors'
*note on the backdrop necklace*

A dress that caught my eye...
via OutsaPop

not forgetting to attend events of course!
Here, myself, the only white from all the Blue or White as a dresscode, in Sunshine's Sweet Seventeen.


Going Crackers.

Another wondrous (hard) work of the Indonesians to tie them all up, transport them with a plain motorbike.
Next photo hunt: 5+ people on a motor bike, kids without helmets but their parents.
Only in Indonesia.