On a Summer Hiatus.

Where the internet doesn't work as well as in Singapore, and I do not like to stay still on a chair typing and surfing the web for hours and hours where there's nature outside my window to be breathed.

(Singapore, of course, do not have that. So there's nothing best else to do but to go online the whole day.)

It's been actually like what, almost 3 weeks I'm here! And I have accomplished a few of the many ambitious summer ahead and the list still goes on I don't know!

While then my BlogLovin' roll rolls on like crazy with over 200+ post I never do check it out (the more I see clothes the more I would be bored and need a vacation from it) and here are some clicks and picks...

seriously, after my denim project, now there's so many denim... how to say... destroyers?
And more fringe effect due to the current trend wave...
via fashion suicide

afterall it's still the studs fever!
Would want to do something like this :)

via A Perfect Guide

Frou-frouness! How cute with the skirt and a bike. And the shoes. CUTE.
Hooray for Eco-Fashion! (somehow)
via Tokyo Street Style

Kimora Lee's BabyPhat has landed in Seoul, Jewelry as the 'ambassadors'
*note on the backdrop necklace*

A dress that caught my eye...
via OutsaPop

not forgetting to attend events of course!
Here, myself, the only white from all the Blue or White as a dresscode, in Sunshine's Sweet Seventeen.

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