A LOMO lala-land First Post

As a budding still amateur lomo-taker, I have an affinity and respect to any format of Lomography to its little tidbits. Same like photography, but much more than that. Because of my first Lomo camera, which is the Fisheye 2 I named Taemin, courtesy of my little dongsaeng in SHINee, changed my world. I now despise digital in a way and is a fan of negatives!

Wanted to get a DSLR but now it’s to get those ex analog cameras like Blackbird or Lubitel and those small cameras which uses 110 films which are the expensive part of it. Grrrr curse you cameras that makes me go wild. Oh, not forgetting a Fuji Instax since Polaroid would seriously kill me and forget the rest of my camera dreams in lala land which I do want to make it come true.

While hunting for little shops in Bandung, Happy Go Lucky, the shop in Diana post I introduced much earlier, but couldn’t find anything to my likes or it’s just out of budget (DIY time!) such a coincidence that next to the store has this Lomography thing going on, so I went to check it out.

Turns out it was a mini exhibition that showcases Lomo Lubitel users from around Asia. It was stunning!

The colors, professional multiple exposures and just photos in a square.

Brilliant captures of colors in just a square.


My first holga roll, my third Lomo camera I acquired named Minhwan courtesy of my 4th hubby, has been printed. And last week I’ve printed from my second camera, an Anna Sui Supersampler I now name Little Anna and her friends (4 lens but I think the last is not working) second roll is out! I just need a scanner to post the images to the forum!

DAYS TO AFRICA (should I bring all my three Lomo’s? OH NO): 6!!!

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