Back from hiatus after a 2 month break back to my hometown then moved to a higher altitude, living surrounded by mountains where I do not sleep with Air Con but fresh (and chilling) air, here's my brain protesting to be in ON mode and not in hibernation. Too many things to post, as an archive of my trip to South Africa, what I did on the holidays (well, that's easy: gym, swim, sleep, eat, TV, being such a slacker) and gems I found on the way.

Now focusing on these little precious gems I got as an inheritance from dear grandmother who used to be a dressmaker and pattern maker (wow pattern maker is probably the least class I would like later. Somehow since it's technical. Ugh and to think my grandma has talent in that area...) gave me her very old fashion magazines. And these are my little loves. To think I used to adore these covers,

My grandma gave me among these are old So-en's and Young Lady which are Japanese; note that Indonesia was colonized by the Japanese (badly, adding) but they do have given good influence somehow. Others were American I think. The good thing was all these magazines were written in English, except for some if they're absolutely imported from Japan and not like those two above I mentioned are printed in Singapore long ago, one by Kodansha. Inside images would come soon after I take snapshots!

*A pile of antique inherited magazines... <3*

These days these glossies are expensive...

However, speaking of imported magazines are expensive, I brought back a another precious stone from Africa. A result from digging and scourging many racks in bookstores but just couldn't find the magazine I want to bring back home. When I saw this in the bottom pile, there wasn't any "whut derr fakq is this" but an immediate reflex of taking a copy and bring it to the cashier. This is what the world needs, or at least what I need, which I wrote to the editor (surprisingly the magazine didn't even have like a mail page which almost everyone does. I suppose) quoted:
I almost gave up searching since i couldnt find anything to my likes, even its hard to get a copy of a local seventeen or cosmogirl or teenvogue or those kinds; one mag did get my interest, i think it was called "seed"? or maybe not, i've forgotten, its A5 in size, but i was in Sun City and i went to a bookstore and as soon as i saw dossier on a pile I knew this was the mag i'm looking for.

And, it is.

This is a mag seriously the world needs, not only on the topics and all, as a mag, with less ads and a million of talents poured into each page, I cant find a fashion mag better than this (for my age), even Vogue sucks (no offense, it's just that all the same class of Vogue zines have the same template, such bore) in a way, too many ads and its ALWAYS the same thing, I'm fed up with socialites and all those stars who gets freebies and strut their stuff (UNFAIR! haha)

This mag also opened my eyes that RSA is not what I think the country is, but it's absolutely forward and western, the talents are equal like other western countries' kind of mag on the inside.

I applaud and salute for a magazine that what you said, is a file of raw talent from the young minds of the South Africans, truly groundbreaking.

Here it is! The zine covers from fashion (seriously A LOT of spreads), a bit on fine art and articles of authors or artists, photography and travel. And here are ugly snapshots of the magazines which are my favorite pages and so no one can take the images due to copyright (anyone can grab it and use it without permission):

*click on the images to enlarge*

I personally adore the Poetry Emotion. Dossier has a mission that should be taken by every other budding magazines, and I truly support the idea. Without this, I would not know at all about how South African talents would be THIS BRILLIANT.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, the best part is, after I sent the e-mail to Mia, the editor, she'll send me the next copy! I can hardly wait to rub on the cover and start its brightness and brilliance. X)

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