Getting a newsletter from KTO and clicking under "Contest, Win Prizes!" kind of voice, there was a competition on blogging, writing about anything Korea (wow my expertise! =p) from here, which are:
1. Korean drama, movie : Blogs about Korean's drama, movie and all issues about them. 2. Korea entertainment : Blogs about Korean actresses, actors, singers, daners and all issues about them.
3. Korea food : Blogs about Korean food, Korean restaurant and cooking recipes.
4. Korea History : Blogs about Korean history, relics and remains.
5. Korea literature : Blogs about Korean poet, fiction, non-fiction and novels.
6. K-pop : Blogs about Korean traditional music and K-Pop
7. Korean Regions travel : Blogs about Korean regions and provines travel information, tip and recommendations.
8. Korea Leisure, sports : Blogs about Korean sports, sports athletics, extreme sports, martial arts and related things.
9. Korea Performance : Blogs about Korean performance including musical, traditional performance and play.
10. Korea Accomodation : Blogs about hotels, gues housed, rentals and temple stay.
11. Korea Culture : Blogs about Korean culture.
12. Korean language
: Blogs about Korean language, Hangeul, learning tips and schools.
13. Korea Shopping : Blogs about shopping in Korea, shopping streets, outlet, what to buy and where to buy.
14. Korea Photo : Blogs which have photos of Korea.
15. Korea info : genaral info about Korea.

The ones on bold are the ones that I would write about.
Mental note: K-pop fest in Singapore last year (BBoys and traditional dance), K-pop concert, ramyun, manhwas, feetmanseoul, how I learn hangeul from variety shows, and surely don't ask about the entertainment part. Tsk tsk.

Next email was HanCinema newsletter (can this day be any supportive towards the contest above?) and I skimmed through the headlines and clicked what interests me. One of them was Son Dam-bi my favorite dance singer if only her songs were nice to hear (I don't like all her songs except 'Crazy' but she's a goergeous goddess indeed and I'm watching her on Family Outing!) is in the crew of a new drama from SBS, Dream.

The next part was the one that triggers. My husband plays in it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Bum bum bum bum bum attack~
A bit on reading the articles related to the drama above, it turns out that it's a Japan-Korean joint production, about ambition and all that and of course (which drama doesn't have this single bit of scene) love.
Bummie himself will play a character around his age who has nifty hands for pickpocketing. WOW...

can you steal my heart pretty please? X)

As I saw the posters for it there are 6 main characters in total. I think it should be interesting and yay Kim Bum's love interest or at least that's what I saw in the trailer is that he was curi-curi pandang (aka taking secretive glances) where Dambi was dancing. Their faces match! Cute and pretty I support I don't ca-a-a-a-a-re if he has a smooching scene since I know it'll be just a wee bit. XD

He looks ultra fiiiiiiiiiiine in the press conference. He looks younger even! Drat as I'm getting old... and I don't look like my age either. >,>

But not SOHEE. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

So hurry it should be up on Youtube I saw the trailer in HanCinema.

Second day of i.drawws! Not exactly doing much but I added a CSI zone where people SHOULD act like the detectives or policies and GET CLOSE TO IT AND JUST STEP OVER it and not just stand behind the projector. If museums restrict visitors to be as close as 5cm to a Michelangelo painting, then at our place you can TOUCH it. Yes, you can touch feel smell see hear, activate all senses and turn on all muscle joints and follow the Obladi/Oblada video! :D

In this exhibition, I somewhat loved the sepia effect to the objects around, as it is also has a vintage rustic feel as a whole; color as I tried doesn't see to work well here. B/W too. More shots Ive gotten today and yesterday. The one with the newspaper and the zoomed view of the broken tiles are to be noted. :)

*click to enlarge*

*the crime scene outline part I was telling above*

*my group mate Dee, asking her to stand there for me to get the words on her face but it wasn't the perfect shot*

The picture of the cans is stunning to me, with a unique angle and a sharp clean shot. I like it with the white contrasting dashes as well.

Tomorrow would be the final day! Dahlia and Sawn, lecturers in charge asks us to come from 1PM. That is why, right now I'm having my midnight show. More Family Outing and Idols... XD

On Episode 47 with Son Dambi...

Dambi tried to cheer, but even before the game starts, Clumsy Chunhee has fallen down.
He's the person that always cracks me up, 100% sure and will. Especially his dance, his face was hilarious. Should be face of the day.
Jaesuk falls, and his pale belly was driven up, and in front of superstar Dambi... he was uber embarrased...
By the way - Dambi's wearing Cheer you up! Shirt from Giordano! The more the want of wanting to buy it and be a Korean wannabe since the ad was with Jang Dong Gun and Yoo Jaesuk himself, and then a LOT of stars and street people wearing. Aaaahhhh, me and my Korean wannabe world.

Then my now boyfriend Kim Ki Bum aka Almighty Key in Star Golden Bell with 2AM, so AHDORABLE with his little victory grin and kind of bring upwards his shoulders, talking about "who would you want to call nuna (older sister) here?" and he replied "Jung Joori-nuna...(while glancing at her)" aka the 'Idol Killer'. I'm not sure why but when I watch it I do get the hint.

Then... (drumrrrrooolllll) the pouty face that made my day.

*keyboard mash*

Too cuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is he suitable for me (read: my face?) He's going to be 18, I'm going to be 17. Mmmmppfffttthhhhh, he's super skinny as well and not capable of carrying me. That is why he's just my boyfriend, while 180cm tall Bum is my 5th hubby for now. We'll see Key, if you grow up and will be the 6th. X)

Well, I'm now signing off to dream, weaving all the topics together to one big dream: to win, to be successful, to dream off to my lala land!

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