The Milky Dream Way.

Sigh, when it comes to pretty boys of the century, head on to Korea or Japan. But preferably, Korea.

True to state people would "whut derr fakq?" the statement of pretty boys. Since when boys became pretty? Boys prettier than girls? I guess this time it's proof to all cynical detectives out there.

Squealing screaming screeching shrieking shouting yelping hooting making a riot from one to the other end of the dorm hallways, this is none other than SHINee, the ultrafreshhh boyband, age ranging from 17 to 20.

I tell you it's no joke in my world.

And this is what makes me become a loco senorita, a spread in Vogue Girl Korea August 2009 edition.

*they call them The Milky Boys, SHINee on the right hand side. Slluuurrrppppp!*

someone someone please buy me this magazine (it's cheap for my birthday! :D only S$15 you know in star-thots!)
May I welcome you, the crazy moment of the day

Unimaginable images that makes us fangirls go speechless. That super glabrous lustrous flawless milky bright faces. And then compare with their other spread with Numero magazine...

I cannot do captions. Can't be expressed in words.

I'm having a feeling the black with Numero label and the brownish pictures are different editions, I supposed. But no matter, it's for my style file anyhow. A dossier of things for supporting my future research works.

With the same flair and feel, it's 2PM in the previous edition of Vogue Girl Korea before this SHINee...


Would always be an anti-fan for girlbands against jealousy.

That last image is THE shot of the day from all snaps. Clean, sexy, inviting, and Junsu's GOT the high fashion attitude. (He's just trying very hard...)
Back to topic, I would have to search all their struts and stuff in their acid-punk outfits that I adore for their 'Romeo' single. Tie-dyes, fringes, colorful bands and of course, stabilo color skinny jeans!

Credits to: Popseoul!, Allkpop, VogueGirl Korea.

Listening to: Senorita - SHINee

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