is coming.

*taken from LASALLE alumni's upcoming performance title*

Yes, yes, my happiness somewhat is coming. Yesterday two things made my day. Well, one and a half. Firstly it was the shoes that I ordered came with the postman, right in front of my door when I was on my way home. I was ecstatic, like finally! I got my (hopefully) awesome new pair of shoes!

But it was quite a disappointment that the shop didn't copy exactly the model I gave... Now it kinda sucky looking, plus they have measured my ankle size and in the model the top part wasn't this tight... It's too small I can't even zip up smoothly - needs extra strength really, thank God it was real leather (does that help with extra tugging strength for not spoiling).


*but it turned out like this...gold some more...:(*

Should it have a negative, it also has a good side which is comfortable. I dunno why, the sole's thin and all and it's 9cm heel but I feel like walking in the clouds... And I could possibly not zip it to have another effect... :)

Noontime, I was heading back to school when that person happened to just arrive, facing towards the entrance, wearing a pair of baggy jeans with tan suede boots and a reggae colored armband and a cap. Seeing on the floor, his desktop computer and a dusty keyboard caught my eye. From afar, I thought it would be the moving man, the one from pick-ups that help with people who moved, looking from the way he dressed, especially that boots he was wearing. It was when I passed, he shouted in Japanese and I peered back (drat he's not the ugly kinda of type but actually the cute kind oh mother of Mary my heart palpitates I don't wanna leave just yet) to see this guy. I casually left and saw a girl taking out all the stuff out from the taxi (maybe his sister... maybe his girlfriend...!) but they seriously do not look alike.

He was speaking like the actor Masaki Okada.

I think my heart skipped a beat at the point I was passing him.

I thought he was the moving man. But then he wasn't the hideous all-pierced tattooed kind of Japanese, he was the nicer (yeah, Okada's the figure).

Did I tell you I was dreaming that Okada would be coming here for school, to get out of the Tokyo hypness and learn like a normal student, knowing that probably no one would recognize him?

From that hour on, right after I came back from school (goodie bag packing) I searched every floor where there might be 'clues' of where they're at. It now sums up it's either on the 5th of 6th. I've instigated stalking plans and this is my only sole entertainment in Singapore I'm looking forward to, live, not on screens. And I've also got an 'agent' on the 5th floor in which I haven't inquired to about anyone moving in.


My nephew, baby T has grown outrageously! Compared to the last time I saw him, he's now all grown up with bigger marbly eyes and super smooth milky skin, also a weird hair pattern...

Cuteness! Then the happiest time of my family, or my Singaporean family, is eating! So I tempted him with the banana walnut muffin from Delicious Muffins in Sunshine Plaza which are the gods of muffin making here.

*ohhhh it looks soooo good, I want but I can't eat it...>,<*

*take a closer look at his watering mouth... =P*

I'm a very bad auntie for him. But then again, the whole family (except baby T's dad and mom I guess) loves to eat. It gives happiness and bliss when good taste enlighten our taste buds. And like today, I was invited to eat at PS: Cafe at Dempsey Rd., which serves western cuisine and of course, a wide range of tempting desserts to die for. The main courses were just right in taste and in the tummy, eating a whole but didn't feel heavy: Caesar Salad mixed with bits of bacon and lots of crunchy croutons which were absolutely smashing, then a chicken dish that was cooked like pizza (as in the topping) and I didn't get to try the , except this tall dark double chocolate BLACKOUT cake (the second from the right).

SEE HOW TALL IT IS? DON'T ASK ME. Served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce which was a good combination since the cake was heated and I would puke if I ate too much chocolate. Of course, it was shared into 4 slices. Currently I am sick of any kind of chocolate, meaning I won't be eating my chocolate muffin anytime soon...

Baby T today was not in a good mood. He was famous for his quietness and his friendly approach to strangers; he's not scared of a lot of people in one place; today was very different.

I was thinking he knew the truth about the dalai lama or guru my cousin invited for lunch to (an undisclosed comment for me) and he was upset he was carried by him, then I think I saw a little moment - a hint, a second of him making a (totally hilarious) ugly face after throwing his face to the opposite side of the guru's face; I found it very entertaining, with his versatile hands of picking up the angpao from the guru's pocket. Who would have guessed? We all didn't see it. Does he have what it takes to join the Master Junior, a show which showcases youth talents in magic?

*sleeping soundly in his mom's arms in the cafe*

Afternoon came and my roommate suggested that we visited IKEA. We departed about 3PM, went to both floors and scanning almost everything in our way it took 4 hours before we finally decided to eat dinner in their restaurant.

While I was at the megastore, I thought of calling two friends, one was Ika which was the IKEA card holder which we could have gotten a discount, the other was Putra, because I remembered him as an IKEA fan. So I thought, why not join for dinner for an invitation? But then again, my credit's running out like a big mama running to catch a culprit. Get the gist?

And how interesting we DID cross paths in the RESTAURANT when I came along to where my other friend was waiting and my friend pointed out 'is that your friend' I'm like 'where I don't see' but then after a while this bulky figure I recognize was in front of me. I hit him with my bag so he would turn but he DIDN'T. I was thinking, should I hit even harder? Was this the place those chicken wings are stored? Then I hit the second time where he FINALLY wanted to scold but stopped to see it was me...

Yeah, how interesting that could be. The person to call was also going to eat dinner at the same place with his friends. So we left it at that state.

For dinner, CHICKEN WINGS! That was enough for my dinner; I was sick of the smell of the restaurant which reminds me of airplane food. Ugh.

It had been a great time, 'wasting time' while I have all the time in the world, before I would be inside a little world where 24 hours is not enough at all.

At 8PM we then left to return our snuggly - NOT - home.

Happiness... is when you get something you have dreamt and plan and work hard for it to earn it; is when a little butterfly releases in your stomach; is when I stuff my face with delectable cooking from anywhere I go. :)


Anonymous said...

eh? AIRPLANE FOOD? hey i also have the IKEA card but it doesnt give discounts you know. btw have i treated you for giving me your borders card???

R@!$4 said...

hahahahah welll the card now is expired sooooo having second thoughts?=p
well not exactly. eh forgot to tell you the macik finish alr AH SO NICE. another 2 boxes of that then considered paid lah the card. LOLLL