Cool, cool, and so NOT cool.
Puh-leeeeeeease, can THIS get any cheesier than yellow cheese? The leaflet given inside goodie bags I've stuffed in today (more than 1000!) advertising the new cafe situated in the campus, with wannabe kind of writing, trying to 'fit in' but then, I think they failed.
We as students of an arts college, are ever so humiliated, critizing every inch of the sinless A6 paper.
As the solution to this flyer is, PLEASE DELETE THE CRAP AND GET TO THE POINT. Just typing the events in dotted format (it's still template!) then intrique us by another statement below then the name of the cafe, it'll be good enough. Not this buncha groupie wannabe with Times New Roman engulfing the paper.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah sure its real cool woohoo lol but it looks very cheapo using paper thats recycled improperly. and just like you i hate the times new romans dont you just hate times new romans? it sucks and looks like a fucking school report. sorry for the vulgarity. HAHA

k said...

hahahaha are you really that humiliated..? lol. anyway put, i used to hate tnr as well. but now sometimes i think it can be pretty cool.

R@!$4 said...

yahhhh all in all its hyperbola in action and just SAD that this is for a cafe located in an ARTS sch... n its this cheapo kinda design where they kick our ass to do good work... if was to submit this, DEFINITE FAAAAILLLLL man