Three's A Charm, I'm Sure

Yesterday, was a BLAST.

*process of taping the bicycle's shadow...*

*photos courtesy of Delicia and Jolyn*

It's the best way to wrap things up for i.drawws, firstly a celebration cake courtesy of Syaheerah Aleem bringing a Mrs. Fields brownie cake (sugar rush even before a bite but even more high after, it's too sweet, sorry not that tempting this time, Royce Nama's are) then we had to pack up all the props that were sent to LASALLE, then a confidential plan of surprising Dahlia, a lecturer and one of the in charge of this exhibition at her house for her pre-birthday party, after dropping the school's belongings and came back hours later with the pick-up truck or here as they call it lorry? (Oh there's no red grammar error underlines appearing so it mean it's correct) We headed on first to Sawn's place, one out of three lecturer's houses, at Upper Bukit Timah.

The ride took one hour plus most probably, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we were all situated at the pick-up with super butt cramp.

Ride of a lifetime! Whenelse I would ride this; never will I ride back home in Indo my mom would kill me somewhat.

Midnight open house to all students... Sawn's house was absolutely one-of-a-kind, it's the place I would love to live in even though it's an HDB flat where usually it's a total bore. Unpaved, just pure grey floor, handmade wooden drawers out of wine wooden crates, and the entrance with wood panels that reminds me of Japan.
Next was Stella's, which was interesting with more than 10 birdcages (with little birds already asleep of course) and ah-dorable doggie...The ride took another half an hour with more space but still had cramps all the way to Bedok.
Now, the last was Dahlia's which turned out to be a landed house and we were invited to step inside, which turns out to be a change of plan (assuming due to the time, it was about 1AM in the morning and asking her to go out to get something would be the weirdest request at 1AM in the morning) and we all hid at her backyard, waiting for her to come...

The food, had to say, was a thrill. Not because it was a good home meal after a few days of pre-ordered meals brought to us by the Arts House, but it seriously has FLAVOR. Here, in Singapore, food has not much of a flavor, it's not spicy it's not too salty it's quite plain, really, unless it's a reknown spot. The fried chicken, oooooohhh, crispy and salty but a tang of spiciness was yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy. The chocolate birthday cake, OHHHHHH DEARRRRR I could cancel my healthy diet plan any time. The top of the cake had shocolate powder, then the middle part is filled with chocolate custard which is HEAVENLY, and the base of crushed biscuits which perfects it.


Last year was in Miss Clarity (in which I haven't use the coupon) with their super-fiber dietic chocolate cake (somehow who ate it would end up having tummy ache and meet the loo) and this time I won't celebrate; hassle, lazy, and I'm surely going to be busy.

At Dahlia's party her cousin or her friend could read Tarot cards. I don't recall that I wrote about wanting to be 'read' this year in any kind of way, thanks to a magazine which posted people who were (what's the word? F!)... and it came true! One of them was that she would have a Korean boyfriend. And in the next month she actually did! And before she heard that news she didn't even know the guy! (Truly envious.) All those statements in the magazine made me want to know my future somehow.

As I picked the card, it was coins, without any concrete question. The second attempt I kind of did, and it was coins again. Same for the second, and the THIRD. I was shocked to the outcome, what's the ratio? How many coins cards are there in a deck anyways? If the percentage was big then it's not a queer thing the card recidivates. But it triggered my attention to this set and it was interesting, she has good insight and knew a lot - not for me but my friend Dee.

The outcome was that there was something I want, but it's not so clear, and it would not happen... Then Kim Sang Bum and I won't happen? Or with Kim Ki Bum? T__T

oooh yeah, get real.

Clazziquai - three charmer electronica band is back with their new song, 'Love Again'! Gaga-ing over Alex's new style... he looks fineeeeeeeeeeeeee and dandy. Horan's new hairstyle looks so ultrachic for her. IDK DJ Clazzi can kinda dance. With models and a setting of glitz and glamour, the track's not bad, catchy but not the kind I like - the ones that are more moody and jazzy are the best. Not bad for their photoshoot outfits though looks sleek.


And to wrap up today's post, check out 2PM and 2AM's English attempt GAWD I so love JoKwon of 2AM speaking something uncomprehensible but you can get a catch of him saying "whut derr fakq?" which is my bloggie! XOXO to you!


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