On my way to The Arts House for continuing the exhibition of i.drawws, a man (Indian I think) suddenly said, "You hefarafifes."
"I'm sorry?" I said, closing in. This guy surely had a teeny tiny voice.
"You," he repeated and fingers kind of making a circle, "have a lucky face."
"... Uh, thanks...?" I replied.
He again, made another so-called prophecy of my face. "You have a lucky face. In the next two months you are going to be very lucky..." he said something more about my parents I think but duhhh, his voice was like a mice I could hardly hear him and I had to keep asking him "sorry repeat that please" but I didn't want to annoy him as well.

"Do you work?"
"No I'm a student..." I tried to prove that he wasn't correct out of the blue but then I added, "but yeah, I'm looking for a job, like a part-time thing."
"Ah I see. in the next month you'll be very lucky with this area, twice."

I quite forgotten, did he say twice? But then the one thing I remember most was "But the most important thing to support this all is to pray."

Now that sounds realistic. Yes, don't estimate the power of prayer.

After that, he continued it with, "Do you join prayer meetings?"
"Yes back in my school."
"I can pray for you as I'm the ........ " it was some weird undecipherable name to my ear, like I told you, teeny voice for a guy.

In the end I kinda left him since I was going to this direction and I was kinda hurrying somehow... but I'll take that. Wasn't skeptical, by the way. WDF doesn't apply here. :)


On the other hand... I do wish he said I'll be lucky in love. Mwahahahahahahahahah well that's OK, I do hope I would dream about my husband or boyfriend these days.

Progress update on the i.drawws, I was "down to earth" as I put it to the lecturer in duty, Sawn, as I was always in charge of pasting things to the floor. Always down and never hanging anything. So here it is, splendour made out of masking tape.

The image captured outlined by masking tape was the shadow of the bicycle from the light behind, as you can see where I was put the hardest job in the wheel part which are the spools (or spikes I don't recall the word for those meal strips) covering up the black shadows in the second snapshot.

This is just one from the many objects. More takes to come with better camera this time. :)

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