It is the layout. And the domino effect for the typefaces and the spacing and all that. For all bloggers out there to have clicked the new 'Dynamic' features and all, be prepared to be in a jumbled state of mess like what I did to my own journal     whut derr fakq iz vat     right here,
all the art direction and typefaces and spacing and all those jitters critters which we designers care and the ubiquitous fandom bloggers don't - please bear with me as I'm on the trail to pull my software engineering roommate - plus did I tell you she understands most of the Big Bang Theory jokes?! I'm not kidding - and my design expertise off the line but not on the line nor Blogger templates which makes it all gone to make things right.

Until then, whut derr fakq seriously screams WHUT DERR FAAAAKQQQ THE LAYOUT IS ALL WRONG!

(seriously graphic designer in anger pissed yours,



      It's been a while, DEE AI WAI! 

The summer was productive because my Santorini trip got cancelled, thanks berry much ah. On the bright side it WAS,  a very productive summer. Designed more dresses made dresses and did more DIY's and it was like a little crafty summer. And this was in July 2011 (see how I've neglected my dear dead blog for now because I'm feeding amongst many other places)

This is rather easy, you know, the usual DYING. I only did a couple experiments by using color  and trying to keep the colors together because I dyed three colors at once, but to not dye the backside... seen below.

So this was my experimental black dye with my dad's old tee, which you could see what happens to it now and it looks a fantastic add if you agree with me...

It was a whole black pail because I wanted to dye a gradual color for my grey slouched top from (X)SML, which in the end failed because I didn't bleach it first.

However after I bleached it... everyone else agrees to keep it just like that. Pictures soon!

THE BIG QUESTION: Which of the colors you guys prefer?
   It is now, actually plain white again (after all this tedious work, I KNOW.) 

I'll be updating this post with another DIY Collar! Tee hee.