(Boy I love the gif at the top and their album artwork)

Here I go again - in terms of their music, their highly experimental producers with of course to live up their group name pronounced "effects", and is targeted for the younger crowd with their uber colorful spunky and youthful styling of clothes is what I like about them most! They usually sport in local designers (Korea's) styled by noneother than Namgung ssi which I'm a bigggggg fan too. Well G told me about him being the stylist as I was highly unaware who's behind f(x) but now I know!

(this post has been planned since like 1 month ago and I never got to touch it up until now with even more news. Blogging failure)

You've been forewarned. They're dangerously back to bring on some serious colour!

This is the mugshot - well, mug-illustration.


Man, I want to raid SM's wardrobe for BoA / SHINee / f(x)!
(I also don't mind getting YG full of designer-heavy and hip hop wardrobe!)

I love their new campaign and photoshoot comeback - the retro feel is still there like using a film camera. The graphic direction is much cooler and well, a tad futuristic? Compared to their previous NU ABO. which I was spazzing them about there.

Sulli looks freaking adorrrrable hereeeee her flawless face!
I love the whole design direction (again) with these color palettes. I love love love.

They're more artsy-fartsy colorful and unique (a bit weird on some music tracks) but then they're what they are.

And uh, I love Amber girl-power style as always. 

I do feel that Krystal borrowed SHINee Lucifer's photoshoot props for the feather. Tee hee~

Is Sulli wearing Pugh wedges or I don't remember it being closed toe (it's peep toe wedges of his right?)

I love the beautiful chubby-not-that-chubby either Victoria but her looks this time isn't so stunning. But since I love her a lot and she's uber talented and cute but she's actually 21 - omo - then here's her pretty self:

Rest of the girls here

But nonetheless I love this blue feather jacket OMOOOOOONA.

Then this is a cute (fan artwork?) image I found - paper dolls! I DONT MIND having them as my paper dolly faces =3

I forgive you you gangsta wannabe girls. Not your fault since you're still the most artsy-fartsy band I loike. ;)

Images are curated from Namgung's blog and f(x) forums and fansites.

Well, you haven't watched them yet? You are mad.

I simply love the dance too they're certainly making big progress and effort! The first 8-count was powerful. And their special made dress/skirt/vest/tee from KAAL E SUKTAE (Stocked in Actually, goodness I can't just stop dreaming about it but I can't never get them yet) and more Fleamadonna's makes me cry...

Sulli wore a cap of pink dinosaurs which I thought thexoxokids made it (similar to his necklace there) but he said it was more of Burger Kim's....

Then that's the paneled skirt and tee worn by Victoria and Luna over there, a la SUKTAE SS11.

Ah, this is only to see the pretty V.

Well the designer and stylist are on Twitter! Stalk stalk if you love them much! Kekekeke

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PS. OMAGAHHH now i have to buy their album too look at this amazing artsy-fartsyness thanks to HASANGBEG! *Tip: f(x) and SHINee do share clothes*

Pinocchio NUABO now REPLAY then Juliette. Why must I buy them? Well, I'm a sucker for all things pretty packaging.



I knew  - well, I won't be pasting my face like a smart-ass but after watching BIGBANG's video, was my tweet update saying this song is a tribute for on-the-day the song was released, was for Japan's second earthquake? Somehow it feels like this is a tribute for the devastation happening currently in the world, and to name well, it's Japan.

You know the craze and raze in the comments. You know you love it. You know you just wanna push them down on that cold harsh ground and do it. That, was the most explicit thing I am going to say public and it's because I'm just representing my friend who's a TOP fan's mind. Don't you deny VIPs. Because I don't mind it as well.

The rings and accessories! Face of the day fo sho! It's been a while. I don't see anything, just my bling blings.

Updated: I'll be still uploading I'm now done uploading all my screenshots thru my Tumblr then working back to upload this page for more fashion gushings on OMG GD I LOVE YOUR LOOK SO MUCH I CAN DIE. YOUR ACCESSORIES ADORNED AND WHATSNOTTHINGAMAJIG. YOU CREATE SOME MALE FASHION MAGIC.

GD, you officially inspire me what to wear today for PARCO's Incubator Show! Let's see if I can get some androgynous kicks in this one.

I love this hate song

I hate this love song

I love this love song.



As Editor in Chief of Surface (International) Dan Rubenstein has clearly state, their new, lighter, thinner, smaller in size, extra minimal in art direction of their re-establishing their look - their "new formula", this new start is everything but having only to scratch the surface.

Well, I was wondering around my library thinking which magazine to borrow, being bored, and here was I surprise with their all-new, all-lightweight paper grammage and design that's certainly more delightable to bring around. However with their new customize, thin typeface, I'm not diggin' it. Surface had this bold bulky feel - due to the size and thickness. Well, guess they minimized it down not only with the exterior look, they've made everything lighter to the eyes. Oh well, sharing my favorite pages!

*click to enlarge and read*

•HEXA by KUHO! LOVE HIM. He's the first to get my attention from the rest. The shoes looks hard and uncomfortable to walk in though.

If it isn't the Asian profiles on the rise - and me covering it, then I'm not me and this is not whut derr fakq iz vat. Very pro on Asians, we're the ones reigning in a decade's time and I'm proud of my Asian roots. Note to self: Must do research and visit the places from the article Seoul Mates when I'm in Seoul.

Then, it comes to the fashion section where well well, look what we have here, my favorite plaids and clashes of color where clothes are treated as skirts to be layered and draped together that complements the huge statement necklaces. Me like the styling.

Alright oh goodness please forgive me dear Lord for I have tempted myself in doing other things compared to my final year project which is seriously needing great attention (but you gave me the brain that writes exemplary well during crucial hours that I need to refine my time mgmt) Well dear guys please wish me luck on my diploma of higher education year or else I won't be graduating this year hence the little number of posts.

I've only been busy around Twitter to RT on things I write under my Playground list on the left panel there, on Best of British and the breathtaking austere label Bodybound, Tumblr, Svpply, and well Fagbook for my pals.

Singaporeans, if you're around, and you're a K-Popper, don't miss

The Balletcats' Catalogue finally out with works brought forth through the amalgamation of designers' brains beyond our Indonesian shores, A super ultra-hip flea mart in Seoul anyone do not want to miss, Korean boyband TOUCH in Singapore to attend the MFW Asia CANALI show, sneak-peek of GIL HOMME AW11 as its his first show ever in MFW, and my once-in-a-lifetime experience that I'll keep on smiling mad and pinch myself every time.

Oh, I love this journalist for hollering up a support on her Tweet for my Miss Marc project. It gives me Red Bull power without the drink. Thank you! :)
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