What happens if two things you like got together to work together, to create something?

A    +    B   =     AB
Type AB, the most unique blood-type there is and the most outspoken,
so then, if

 A represents Fleamadonna,
B represents the unknown yet-still-have-to-figure-out-who-is SM f(x)'s power stylist,
it equals the evidence and output of two creative power heads to create something stupendous.

The equation to make an effect to f(x)'s new look ready for their comeback with a more cutting edge style.

These are their campaign shoot for their new mini album that has an adorable illustration to it, NU A.B.O.
(Yep, that's how they sing it, NU A-B-O. How coincidental blood type AB works here, on a random note)

I love the concept for this - it has been digitally edited to look like it's captured on an analog camera, but correct me if I'm wrong and they did hire a specialist photograph who got a big fat cheque because of using film/slides.
And pleeeease don't style Amber like that, we'll all have turn lesbian and have a crush on him/her!

Speaking about it, hell yeah Sulli's tank top and how it drops and wears through the unconventional hole is totally HSB.

Smashing leggings - it compliments the dance, in which I'd say doesn't excite me at all.
To put it even, it's pretty, weird? Anyways.

DIY those sleeves that will take the whole summer! I'd have to tie-dye in denim color as well. Wonder if it's his own work.
Plus Amber's plastic chain hat from the campaign! Easy to do.

So check out the gone-retro themed video...

and lastly,

Visit their home of thoughts,


I'm a stalker! Obsessive compulsive OCD'd by them and a few others from the same land.

And still to note shit I'd like his freaking book even though I'd wouldn't understand a word. Will Seungho follow soon? Tee hee!
And I'd like to see Big Bang's book too for so long! AAAH.

OMGGGGG I'M A TRUE STALKER あの人がファセボオクがあります!
I want to but I'm afraid to do so...

Off the Record, their mini-album verdict!

From powerful track NU ABO then a sudden change to their real age, Milkshake with a forced pass record, I guess everyone would agree they only work best as mannequins - the album AND the dance is mediocre, weird swiveling without much creativity. Not their fault, it's the money-maker company's fault to push them out of their mere young age! They're as pretty and flawless like a mannequin, perfect to be pampered my magic hands and getting the best skin treatments.


jennifer lovenia said...

blogwalking...cool blog:)
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g said...

i really liked this post. u're a cool stalker ㅎㅎㅎㅎ amber looks fierce, and nu abo sounded really cool. is it really ha sangbaek work? thought it was hong sukwoo's ㅜ.ㅜ

ps: so sorry raissa! im now sure they lost your letter, but still we can comment and email each other xxx