It's been a while since face-of-the-day pops up but yeah, I've just recently re-picked up this guy here after a break so it's on back with him! And his stupid days while I left him.

"MC: Do you have a girlfriend right now?
Him: No (hello yes I broke up with you good thing you were still honest)
MC: What kind of husband or boyfriend would you be to your future girl?
Him: I'd be a very understanding man to her...
b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a  b  l  a MC this him that
Him: When she wants to buy those luxury handbags and such, I would understand, I won't oppose to it"

Like I don't know you, Mr. Almighty Key! You shopaholic how many boxes came after a trip when you arrived home! HUH! I bet it's you who wants to shooooooooooooop~

And his face in Star Golden Bell with hiding-teeth-game, yeah, he looks like grandpagurgurgrgulrrlrle.

But I've missed you and your babo silliness that's why we're back. 행봌해?ㅋㅋㅋ^^. Accompany me in this treacherous morning of work and keep me awake!

His proud sandwich from Raising Idol, "this is Cheondong's face!"

Jigeumun, na, doing the Food for Thought interview for SOE...
Episode: Jjong + Key cut for Sebakwi 

And look at the time! 4:57 in the morning!

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