I am enthralled by my very own baby's charming products. It was cross processed, ISO 100, and stunningly crystallized with soft focus. I'm speechless, and so let's get on to it. This roll is dedicated to the fashion project shoot to be part of the experimentation. One of them has successfully amazing, I thought it should be the DPS of hunting scene.

•Love the natural focus in the middle, much easier to control than DSLR's. And the branches.•

•How the light shines through it gorgeous.•

•Full throttle Fleamadonna stiff braided-hem skirt, resting from power stance•

•The ah-mazing DPS hunting shot. Totally dramatic and dynamic!•

As always, first roll must have a dedicated shot to the dear person taking care of you expensive babies!

I LOOOOOOVE LOOOOOOOOVE it's like sky-painting!

Postcard perfects. Diamond in the rough, inside the little roll.
I'm proud of you, Gokugakugakkenflexxie! My real baby!
And finally done with the blog roll. Comments and reviews are most welcome as usual fellow analogers and anyone appreciating this medium.

Well, these put a smile on my face for sure.

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Esther Park said...

rai! it's me..! ur mama esther~! =p
heyy your blog is awesome babe..!! keep it hot..! mwaaah*