I need snappy look inspirations! I just need one place and it'll give me wondrous headaches to start cutting things and make things but no time to waste for tomorrow night!

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Such look that works with pirate pants and pixie-gangster hair with scarf - punk piratee on the loose? And a sling-bag that works well to comfortably drop just below the scarf. Her doll-like stature face and pinkish make-up with soft blond is just so nice to see. The ocean aqua blue also cools the eye, perfect palette with neutral brown color.

His interesting top is from H&M, and altogether the look costs about $120 (he's one of the rare people to actually remember all the items with approx. prices, complete from top to rings on the right side of the info panel, but then he doesn't leave his name...). Man with flower patterns and pants that looks like PJ pants but works just nice. Where'd he get that tassel kind of accessory? Funny.

Mademoiselle Yulia still uses her KTZ bling bag (I've forgotten the real name of it)? Oh goodness how I want it so much now (I shall steal ex-Key's if I ever do date, WDF?) and the Falwe top of Fafi! The rest are bottoms KTZ and her accessories, GIZA. Simple T-top and leggings (must be patterned to add the funk). I've recently found this as well, with her usual heels and white socks duo she does (CPJ research, remember?) I've discovered. It's a Topshop sop, and hi-res! How her body is ultra-skinny, not balancing with her big face! Just teeny funny. Tee hee!
*how can people not notice her behind there and not say hi or so? I would accost her immediately. She sounds kind... ;'D*

To come of it, last week's AUDI FASHION FESTIVAL (AFF '10) had KTZ in, and THEY HAD COME, THOSE DUO MAESTROS! Zomaigotto! I was down with illness and yes, missed the chance of it. Kokon To Zai aishiteru!
Plus, models I've worked with strutted on their runway, sweet Nora (there in blue and a lightly entertaining blog to follow) and Lautner-hunk-blessed Simon and again, I've missed KTZ magic.

•photo courtesy from Nora's profile•

•photo courtesy of Roger Chua•

Yuu, an  awesome 21-year-old artist walking (she's wearing her own fine arts things) and yes, stated in the panel that 99% are 自作 (original work) with a Margiela inner. That necklace is TOTALLY ON MY SUMMER DiY LiST. I have my jeans collar leftover! I hope I haven't thrown it away! Before Shangri-la trip, hopefully. Goodness, has summer return again? Anyhow, the photographer must have been so shocked and in awed with her bear head and accessories adorned, he/she has forgotten to zoom to her pants (the closest is the one with her hands shot).

What, he's a guy?!
I found another of him, I recognized it from his shoes! His other look + face :P

They never stop showing the magic of Japanese street style (or more like Tokyo) where all clashes but magically fits. It never stops my wonder. I try to not be biased but then, the only portal that inspires me has always been the Japanese street scene. I'll never be able to get out of my Otaku-ness of J-K.

Reminds me of my next hunt, these Once in Love Irregular Choice shoes, I tried blue and pink together and HOW CUTE IT WAS, BETTER LOOKING TOO, the more irregular, the better! What's more, I've been dreaming these days every time I sleep, from chasing Zuno (Junsu's twin) to last night, clearly remembered, that I went to Takashimaya with my mom, and I asked these shoes to try them on (like for the gazillionth time probably). Repeatedly said "the one with the big flower, flower pattern, but the salesperson came out with different shoes. How hard was it to find the shoes with a big flower on top? "And its got ruffles behind it, pink color, and weird heels" and a couple salesperson went back-forth to the storage, commenting "oh how detailed you remember the shoes" and such, and "sorry, we don't have it"

What sign is this?! I woke up and thought about it, and the Great Singapore Sale doesn't start till' the day I fly back home, it's far, and yes, I think they only have a pair left! I frantically call my mom what to do to do to do but no answer. Her comment later was "Oh, God tells you to not get it"

AAAAAHHHHH you're my heart heart heart heart heaaaartbreaker! Don't they look adorable together? Even Kevin said to the sales-keeper on the day I re-visited it again, and tried both together, long before the blue one was sold out, "can we purchase with one pink and blue? Or you can buy one then trade" out-of-the-blue stupidity. Tee hee, how I want it so to be so!

Late old University Fashion Week in Seoul, but more inspirations to come literally out of the box... as FMS say!

This is all for the sake of tomorrow, interviewing James Bent of Outre, who has gotten a chance to be like Feetman Seoul, street photographer invited in capturing fashion moments of Fashion Week.

Done with my HW! Now time to raid my own wardrobe that'll take po-e-ppah! -BFF Jo Kwon

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
To-Do (the stressful digging in fabric waste box)

-jeans fly
-find Turkey eye Mother Mary
-JAPAN PICTURE BOOK CONTEST (see exhibition this Sat)
-SOE: booksactually, F4T, F03, bespoke
-gianni cindy outing!
= = = = = = = = = = = 

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