•wearing People of Asia black deconstructed top, Cotton On angel top (worn inside), Topshop polka-dot knee-high stocking, Dolce Vita leather sandals.
I Want That handmade bag, DIY bling-blings

 A moody gloomy afternoon at 6.30PM downtown Orchard, I was wearing more suitable to the hot humid weather with an extra twist at most angles.

He was explaining that he wanted to try a Jak and Jill kind of style, photographing details of the outfit instead of a whole, so check out the zoomed ones in his post.

Connect yourself to James' street style photography showcase, showing Singapore's best demeanor in terms of dressing on the streets. be a part of it and who knows you might see yourself being asked with his stamped name card in the street, then uploaded in his website, Outré.

This was before the interview session!
And look out soon for his interview profile for WHUTderrFAKQizVAT as part of my portfolio!

It was an enjoyable evening to change views with James. Time flies so fast, and questions keep popping up, out of the written script; like a conversation with a chum. I also learnt that he's a foodie! Let's hunt for great food across the island next time! :D


joon said...

hi there,

jul here from a singaporean newspaper. just did an interview with james and was wondering if i could talk to u a bit (through email or phone) about his blog? just to get some other bloggers' comments :)

u can email me at julrasul@sph.com.sg

look forward to hearing from u!

g said...

예쁘당 :) totally cute outfit xx

R@!$4 said...

tee hee kumawo! <3