So, another week, another styling class. One of the weeks theme was, LADY GAGA.

           Wrecked. I have nothing like Lady Gaga's bling-bling super wow theatrical show outfits. I'm not a fan of her either, you ask me if I've seen "Telephone" then I will answer no. If I've seen her in one Japanese show where they interviewed her and she had that bow hair, then yes I've only seen the picture.

           Instead of getting a whole file of pictures of her because well, again, it's me hello, the Asian geek, I'll just post one inspiration and that's all I need.

 I want the vest, I want that handmade diamonds in the rough origami-like work made by their stylist and my obsession which I stalk, Ha;Sang;Beg, and I want that gloves, I want that sun razors, I want that patchwork jeans, hell yeah!
It's le boyfriend's outfit for the Lady Gaga performance they did.
Yep, my man indeed.

So basically, the essence of Gaga would be something out of the box, did it on my own, something that is striking and not something to wear daily.

          After looking at this, I still can't figure out what was it made of. I intended to create this with just black paper and folding it so, but I didn't have the time. So I had been wanting to create this and so I did . . .

. . . Diamonds magnified!
Printed in a stiffer paper, but after a while I thought it should be even thicker!
Using pins, rings, and pliers to put it together.

  •wearing acid latex top, black Cotton On black angel top worn underneath, Rotelli boots.
accessories: metal charm bracelet, the DIY magnified diamond necklace•

That was for Friday actually, VP digital class. Just remembered. 

And look! I do have one Gaga picture, thank you, Mac's Spotlight!
 I want a hat like that...

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