Handycam Heroes.

I shall need to add another additional H in front there,
section. Let's bring on the little to the same-age-plus-plus inspirators (finally after promising in so long ago previous posts!) in the V-Logging* world!

 *this will be explained by Ryan Higa of Nigahiga down below


Awh Little Nina (my cute little virtual daughter and for real I would like to kidnap you someday and make you my own unless like Kevjumba says, "could I have an interracial marriage" in order to make a Nina xD) you left me speechless! I totally salute you for being a down-to-earth and honest girl by just the mere age of 4! These days kids and teens and I guess they grow up being a stuck-up kid.
Like, comparing to Nina who looks alike to Suri Cruise but without the princess chessiness because of Suri's parents' spoil her too much. TOO MUCH.

Adopt me Cruises OR Beckhams you don't have to work so hard to get a daughter? Tee hee!

Also in reviewing my Japanese skills - getting rustier than ever!
Cute chubby Nina when she was much younger, ZOMG that super chubbyness.
Which reminds me that the examination results should be out this month! =X 

Little Nina makes me fall in love all over again and again and again and again... Less than three so much! :D

Within the topic, here are entertaining/ghastly boring, how you would rate it so if you are interested in the Japan way of life or not, are crackling dry humor at some point but hella yeah, creativity for them never cease.

Let's stop about Nippon! It's time for the people who are my heroes of stand-up (or here, it's more of a Sit-Down Comedy and start gibbering yada-yada-yacking nonsense infront of a handycam/webcam/mobile phone camera) comedy, which I just found out about a month ago. Kudos to Ryan: Nigahiga, Kevin: Kevjumba on my life in Tube, Youtube!

It's what you do most of the time, ding dong! XD

•I give up talking•

•damn hot mister Ryan! Super hawt with your abs and ... boobs whore•

Next is the partner in Crime KevJumba and his hilarious dad - which reminds me of my own but not as open and as, say, quite in the 2NE1's century brained? Tee-hee!

•smacked down-right to the fact!•

And my ultimate favorite! His dad reminds me of my grandmere singing Jinggombel, Jinggombel, Jinggombal gombel...

A Kev Jumba and Happy Slip collaboration! (Sorry I don' think most Happy Slips are funny but yes, STILL 'DON'T FORGET TO WEAR YOUR HAPPI SURRRIP!')

And one special Happy Slip, slipped between all this. It's cliche but it works! Fan behind! Hahahahahaha!

I just just JUST discovered this channel, mychonny, and he's also one person to watch out for. Wow, we Asians are making progress in the realm made by Westerns!
Oh, I do loike yoo accent, it's very charming indeed. ;D

It's getting warm I tell you, it's getting warm. There soon and about but not as gibberish fun as the pioneers, shall I label them so?

All of these are actually my style of dialogue, but I've written it down (hence the long tedious ranting posts in my blog) so I was wondering then... shall I start doing my own videos which are much easier to see (but sorry, my own country, our internet connection still does suck, can't handle Youtube hotness) with slow buffering (which gives me writing option instead).

Look out for it somewhere in the summer - I'm dragging Just High and Remember the Bla-bla-whut? author to come and join - I've got one topic to talk and rant like Nigahiga!

A Happy Sunday!

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adieyodla said...

aaaah!!!!im so in L-O-V-E wif ninaaaaa..XDD..gila dia cute banget!!si kevjumba..ah.gw lebih demen ama papinya..papinya kocak abis,,gyakakakaka..yang angry asian parents juga kocakk..logatnyaaa..xDDD..lol abis!