It's the early weekend! Goodness it's been my hibernation week of sleeping late, waking late and enjoying my pillows more than ever, and deadlines were chasing over me, so with my cravings for more Japanese furai street om nom nom goodness, I head down to Orchard wanting to grab my mayonnaise dinner and hit Kinokuniya. The usual.

I decidedly to head the end of the triple mall tail to get my dinner, and instead of just one, I added another two and ZOMG it's awesomely deeeelliiiccciousssss. And it's $1 per stick/piece and that shrimp tokyo monja or whatever the name is IS GOOD. I shall snap it next time, before I scarf it down. But hey, do try the Takoyaki which I introduced the wonders to Kristie back last month.

Roamed around and around and around the store checking out the newest shipments on the pile and finally an epiphany of "hey finally it's here!" I thought that they had gotten a contract dispute or something between Kino and L'officiel since I haven't seen it around until now, the latest:

whee, you get a complimentary M by MJ bookmark of his ugly girl illustration! :D

And there's a new face in town...

The Gentlewoman has certainly made it's soft neutral debut, with Celine's new head designer that brought forth gracefulness to the runway and wow, she is brave, baring her all (most least but still closed) with the interview given. 
         Brought to you by the editors of Fantastic Man.
           A simple editorial, not showing model's face or identity and finally, only focusing just on the clothes and how they drop in a casual way, and also one I recall flipping where they take an interesting concept which I LIKE, "Flat Garments" where it's only clothes, laid out, close-up on those clean Celine skirt sewing as the opening garment.

        I'm not a fan of AMICA but their new down-sized look, and matte cover! I'm a fan of glossies that are not, glossy. Frankie and Little Thing is one of my favorite keepers. It also shows that it isn't the mainstream high-fashion trend follower, as L'Officiel does, but hence, I would say it's the local magazine I like most, with my favorite font, Didot and italicized, then the styling of it is fresh and just what I want.
        Wanted to pick up this copy since the dress in front looks beautiful (Rodarte-like tucks here and there?) but apparently it's a Vuitton!
 I do believe LV's designs doesn't have a signature anymore. Only leather goods are.
        One thing that also restrains me from getting this is their signature font, and the layout is just not nice to see for me, and the contents and target age is not suitable.
        Gosh! My mind! Do know why after the rule - the line below why my eyes are doing this space epiphanies of layouts.


The monthly usual... are surprisingly all loaded and thick! :D

-Frankie (adorable calendar illustration on its back! I never hang the calendar front side. Heehee)
-Dazed & Confused (FINALLY it came, Wondergirl! edition with Mia on front, can't wait for its music edition which everyone's raving about it and this issue just came! GRRR)
-i-D : green color, it's Spring time!
dearest Jessica-chan please get me this while you're in JAPAN WILL YOU
-Zipper Japan
-Used Zipper Japan
-WPK Spring 2010
-Mori Garu (森ガル) Vol. 2 catalogue


Why I was drawn to the neutral palette with Phoebe Phillo on front of Gentlewoman is because of my recent deadline due today, LAYOUTING!
By the given article Charles gave, and only using one image throughout the work, here goes. Editing till 4AM.

Can you guess which is HEADLINE / TEXT / IMAGE dominant?

Click on for a larger view! I do looooove the body - Garamond. Great typeface to work it out for most articles.

So from 1, 2, 3, respectively, can you identify which dominant the layout is at?
... was I successful?

There! Didot and a rule - totally clean slate look! And TEXT by Adobe Caslon.
I like it how I Italicized the name as well. Just superb.

Well, I'd have to leave a note though from this on, I don't think I could handle or have the time to type anymore... It really does suck my time in doing something else and I guess...
is it.

I hope it won't be the last post... But for now I'll stop therein on.

A wonderful blessed weekend of Easter, everyone, enjoy the break as well!
>>>Back to hibernation. Blog on hiatus or a holiday forever.

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