I could be cut to be one of the Big2NE1 needed writers! However this was purely coincidental where somehow my eyes were working brightly spotting some things that was, well, in my knowing. 
        So here goes and I do want a request to you super who-wears-what-K-Pop-star detectives, either Eiffel in Seoul, Big2NE1 on my tab there, and ya-da ya-da ya-da, all the fan girls who keeps there eyes peeled open daily staring, I do salute you guys for actually finding the things, it's SUPER awesome I mean I can't keep up to that since, frankly, I have a life outside of the screen. I wonder how you guys could keep that butt stick to the chair for probably 10 hours daily. It's a W.O.W. two thumbs up for you guys!

This is about a bag, bling-bling with colorful studs. Apparently it should be the same article...

•Key: Hello Baby Ep. 9, that bag!•

•Mademoiselle Yulia and her street style snapshot of her bag•

          With my recent research for Styling class in doing a coverage of what is Personal Styling and Commercial Styling, where I did on 2NE1's duo eccentric (duh, fine artists) stylists and Mademoiselle Yulia for personal styling WITHOUT knowing about her beforehand, as I had seen her previously in my NYLON JPN magazine but didn't know her profile, so this was the chance to get to know this 22-year-old wonder person who somewhat lives her life like my head lecturer who DJs at night.

     I've provided evidence and found better resolution image. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Help help, たすけてね、みんあ!

      And I do want these couple T-shirts from CdG (Comme des Garçons) worn by dear Nihonjin koibito and girlfriend on the show The Wallflower/Yamato Nadeshiko/Perfect Girl Evolution, also immediately went "EH! I know that heart logo!" thanks to Art Direction project file with having to layout a CdG article, and the images file had this up:

Here's to the lovely couple! Yay Noi-chan got Takenaga!

           She was firstly professing her love to him, and the final scene was where they both finally wore it! Click the image for larger details+subtitles. Overall it was a pretty entertaining drama with dearest Hiroki-kun sweet face!

          I've stumbled upon, if I've got Tumblr, this would happen, but hence here it is: ephemeral unspeakable no ending viral videos made by this artist, whom I've skimmed through that the girl should be a singer from Europe there somewhere, Jonna? Joanna? And not Lady Gaga or Christina Aguilera.
          Guys! Shall we go with this Photoshopping feel? I like it!

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oh this KTZ backpack, MUST GET! Yulia looks cute : )