Right now I'm re-editing my assignment which has been totally lost in a maze. Trying to rephrase and CUTTING IT CHOP CHOP CHOP and it'll make my editorial lecturer go with mad craze while looking at her screen when I'll send it. She'll be reading and after about 100 words later she'll go "OMG NOW THIS IS WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR YOU GOT IT!"

My G-Mail usually gets on the first dibs of everything - the most ergonomic online mail box we'll ever have. Shoe newsletter comes once in a while and here's to Gaultier's A/W 2010 shoes. That middle image with over-the-knee... socks? That looks interesting and it certainly compliments its whole look.

By the way, these flowered-pattern boho-themed kind of look should suit my current editorial project which this afternoon we started creating our headpieces which Fadli's supposed to be in charge but heck, he's sick today not in and I TOLD YOU TO START DOING IT LAST WEEK AND YOU WENT PARTYING. Sigh. But I'm enjoying it - it's fun with a mix of potpourri, glue gun, organza and whatever sheers...

New artistic director of Celine certainly makes it work back up to the mainstream luxury spotlight garnering more attention than ever - the right choice to anoint her last season! I would need these Japanese inspired wooden sandals geta for a Cosplay themed dress-up this Friday for Digital Visualisation class. And pairing it up with my tie-dye socks. Oooooh how I want them NOW!

Alexander Wang's take after his high heeled (if I recall, seeing a copy in Far East Plaza earlier this year) and now total flat soles to walk nicely on snow pavement... well it's still cement and stone pavement here in Singapore which is still perfectly usable. It's almost like the shoes I ordered from Zipia with the same basic silhouette/style.

Create a moodboard contest with online editor to create them in ASOS thanks to Cadbury Caramel Bunnys collaboration by following each week's keyword trend they release. I'm going to try it right now!

I HATE CATS but now, I have the chance to feel superior to it with its scary bug-eyed big eyes and toothy spikey grin. You can be superior it to at the Cheshire Cat now stuck in your hand at this special GIVEAWAY!

That's up for today folks early good night.

PS. I want to dream my baby boy but then it never has happen! AAAAHH TLR is not working as well for its shutter. DANG.

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