WED's recap:
Needless to say much more after a preparation for whole day shoot,
early sleep taking double doze of cold killer pills and 5 Mini-bee, s
pinning head early dawn and slept a bit more after taking another cold killer pill in case and dozed off,
forgotten all lotions and rushed all the way on top north to Singapore promising I'll be arriving at 7:45AM but I was late for 7:47AM and I was expecting you guys are out there waiting and I could just hop on and let's start the day.
And then how easily said "Oh we've changed the time 8:30 but yeah we're going now" and I've waited in the taxi stand butt hurts and finally coming to halt at the stop another 45 minutes later there... boo ya!
heck you think I got time in the morning I've texted I'll be running late with spinning banging head - - - - -
아이구ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ 이세상에...
Please I'm trying my freaking best to get the rest I can get and be present and ready to have some fun in the shoot! I'm not looking for a selfish teammate who leaves us all but a Hobson's choice in the end that makes my presence uncomfortable and feels like heck yeah, a 外人 from all of you. What did I do wrong that made ya'll stayed away from me?

As a sensible Indonesian person we all tend to restrain ourselves from vomiting all our curses and instead be a passive, receive everything giving up the 100% privilege we have in order to make the team work work WORK IT!

Nonetheless, apart from a grave news I'm about to tell about my current situation, it was PURE AWESOME FUN - with lots of surprises and of course, a great surprise to our lecturers later since what I felt was what we promised them before in our pitches isn't 100% seen in this final shots we have.

The Lord was fair though - I couldn't say life is unfair - although through my years here I've been like an auntie here, sunglasses and UVA/UVB lotion and umbrella every meter I go, and just by A DAY, all those maintenance is GONE. G O N E, I tell you. We needed the sun,
He gave the sun,
the whooolllleee day long accompanying us in the shoot from the 'baywatch' view to the forests, the rays were angel sent.


I could only show myself now that I look like this:


Again, God was fair and the next day it was whole day cloudy.
A day to recover myself from the threats of bad sun rays that gave me PANDA EYES (THANKS TO SUNNIES, it's the most embarrassing thing ever I couldn't believe Photo Booth captures it! Now I'll be in sunnies forever) AND JUICY MEDIUM-COOKED UPPER-ARM.


I know it isn't as bad as the champion Yulin, but to me this is just the start of my treacherous expect-skin-cancer-coming-your-way-earlier and if you know me then yes, this is not an "oh, it's OK" but I would need an anti-depressant after frequent mirror checks.

It was worth the sacrifice though, I can't wait to see the bright crisp results thanks to the SUN!

Weather not to good for chilling and taking care of flea mart stall in school as the wind blows in and made my Nylon Japan magazine gone extruded freckles...

Alfy, you still owe me/us a treat! Hahahahaha! Thanks to you OUR stall sales went totally under revenue non-profited.

However, my anti-depressant was pretty good for a cheer up 1AM in the morning today:

THE SUPERWOWOMG LATEST EDITION OF DAZED & CONFUSED JAPAN! DEAREST CURRENT Nihon-jin koibito, Hiroki Uchi-kun from Yamato Nadeshiko no Shichi Henge (HECK MOVE OVER KAME I never liked you in the first place) and OH GAWD HOW UCHI-KUN IS PERFECT FOR ALL THINGS HIGH.

then I start to picture le boyfriend in those outfits too.

Good night have to rest early I got some phlegm stuffing my nose due to weather change and itchy throat.
You guys gotta take care take cover too I didn't expect that I would get sick. Grr.


CarolCancerina said...

Raisaa. I am going to LaSalle. Heeeheee. Tuition grant and skipping foundation to Level 1 of Interior Design :)

How's life there? Accomodationnya gimana? Tell tell tell what I need to know before going there :D

melia said...

gosong......gosong, sayang banget tuh kulit. Put body lotion every night to return to yr normal skin!!