Dormant for specific reasons - my body lethargic during project week but NOT for college assignments, but for the love of my country!

Hence, with event number one of what has happened during these past two weeks welcoming the new month, here's one that made me crumble to bits that I couldn't visit there myself; it was postponed since the time they introduced the idea where I just had to stop my work and get all hyped with this, thus after almost 3 months extension, the ambassadors and staff of LOMONESIA teams up with the rest of Indonesians to send all their works, theme "AROUND ME", and make it all happen to make a LOMO-photo-mozaic of: ONE INDONESIA.

I'm ecstatic to see my works up with the rest of Lomonesians, my name stated!!! \(^o^)/

•the INDONESIA mozaic!•

•the site at Grand Indonesia!•

Here, my dear funny lame 父さん standing beside my photos. My mom told me on the day she visited the exhibition saying that 
"there are many interesting photos the photographer take, yours also striking from the rest, even dad knows which one is yours"


Ya loooooorrrrrrrrr my horrid acne pimple filled face filles Taemin's screen in that dark image close up. Of course it's mine it's my face whoelse would take it... zZzZz...
Lastly, all six photos I've submitted to them are all hung up, courtesy of Odol, eh Odel, report to me (well I was hinting her to go and see it for me in case my parents' can't make it to see). But she didn't take photos! (HELLO YOU HAVE YOUR BB right...)
Oh anyways, make her feel welcome for you Indonesians in her new exasperatingly extremely elongated blog name. :)

The exhibition ended the last day of the month in February 2010.

*Now where shall my photos go?* 


adieyodla said...

huakakkaka..makasi atas pujiannya..XDD..maap yah aku ga foto..nama blog gw kepanjangan yah?gpp lah..yang penting okeyyy..XDD

melia said...

its so glad to see your creativity showed in the exhibition. I regreted if I did not come to see it........ah so its useful to come to Jakarta then.