A dire despondent first but finally picking up its pace to be an artwork that reflects its passion and hard work put into the show. This was based on the IAF Mahabrata's musical.
Started from about 10ish and finished just before CCS workshop class, 6pm on Thursday! Phew!

•full concentration needed for the header title's 0.1 turned to 0.5+++ lines
AND NO, I'm not eating my peanut butter right now that's white paint! I've outgrown for that butterfinger moment these season. Kekeke•

•The final artwork! OMONA WE didn't become The New Yorker's cover page! Hahaha kudos to Putra and his new muse of tumblr...tsk tsk•

handpainted color wheel•
In case you guys were wondering what I did to those street photos previously, this is what we need to do using paint to identify the colors•


NEXT>>> is our practice field session in our photography class with Ivanho. This should be interesting for ya'll fashion wannabe bloggers who just gets what they want by just posting outfit photos and get all the front row seats just like that while we go learn and die in the process of relentless but fun at times being a part of the industry with real sweat.
I mean, then why should we get formal education when all we need to do is have a great body, lots of luxury items to flaunt on online and take selca's, be known to the globe and get a job becoming artistic director or whutderrfakqknitzshitzels or even meet designers i've never dreamed of and sit in the front row? Meeooowrrarrrrr!

ANYWAYSSSSSS here goes our first practice field shoot enough complaining already! Hahahaha jeezzz my catwoman side has been firing up these days all the small things just prick my fingers.

Model's a Mongolian, so tall with enticing wing tattoo in her back; love its attitude that it empowers! Daryl the photographer and the rest doing and helping the props. Ah, photographer dad and son Bryan finding high and lo, over the hills and far away for locations, and we found a little haven of so Alice in Wonderland!

•get the feel without editing yet? Whee•

Clothes and garments are from 2The9's, shops from Haji Lane, A|X, my own blue tie-dyed hand sleeves to socks...

A recap video on what happened in the windy rain-shine-rain-shine day:

Closing Friday with an early rest!

THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY! TOMORROW I'LL BE SEEING DEAR YEOBODIVA, LiVE after dear Ron's wedding! Stay tuned for the updates and fugly video qualities.
La la la la la la, la la la la la la, la la la la la la,
1 2 3 4 5 6 LET's GO!

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melia said...

wow its so artisticely........the place looked like in the other planet which wild animal can live free.