M R B L .

It started with the chosen project #5 : Packaging, to create six items: HANG TAG, LABEL, PRESS KIT, INVITATION, PACKAGING, and PROMOTIONAL ITEM for a brand we have to conceptualize ourselves, derived from the company we researched beforehand. With the bylines of its market and target audience, I had in mind way before everything : to create a bespoke shoe label.

First, researching on what shoes I liked and what the direction of the shoe design should be. Something that should be interesting and different that will surely get attention.

The inspiration board for the actual shoe design. Two varieties. Which one you guys prefer, Left or right?

Those were the rough sketches made on my notebook. Some are inspired by LV, United Nude, Heavy Machine, Raphael Young, Camilla Skovgaard, and others said in the inspiration board above.
Below are the 5 mood and inspirations for each respective design we should create previously stated above.

This was the first batch of design that got rejected.


M.RBL aims to be adorned by the world’s fashion daredevils.
M.RBL gains attention by its glinting spherical feature beneath your very feet.
M.RBL dresses your feet like a long-lost fashion Dorothy – you have now reached the highest sanctuary in the fashion wonderland with it.

This is M.RBL, the show-stopping shoes that demand to gather your fashion balls up – the only way to work it to the M.XMUM with a N.NCHLNT attitude.

Note: this is only the first prototype. The original shoe design is still under process. Would anyone like to have a pair of shoes from MRBL, either by your own design or through my consultation, do let me know.

It's walkable, trust me.


. K T Z W T G .

Above was the invite for Kokon ToZai's AW2011, entitled so. Don't ask me what it stands for - currently, I do not know and have no time to research. But may I boast that I could ask directly what it WTG means to the brainchild of the brand itself.

When, where, how, wha - ?

Before any bombards of questions, see below and start marking your mark on where the link leads you to. Anyone in Singapore and ravin' the one-of-a-kind dear KTZ, we should see you at the door or you'll be certainly expelled.

It's up on the kokontozai blog too! And I'm sure we all are ecstatic with the collection I call bandits runaway - all stripes and primary colors come into one. As for you all peeps who loves this as much as I do, don't fret and bite your nails as a teeny sneaks on what's THURSDAY NIGHT'S GONNA BE LIKE.

Keep on chanting.

Time to start marking your attendance here you party-goers and if you think that you stand a chance to be cooler than us and the strutters who's going to shake Butter on Thursday night!

Need to update your wardrobe to inject some bandit wear next season? I know I do... I've been eyeing this one piece and I know my paycheck's all going there when this term ends. Goodbye Hourani and Comme, I've made my choice.

See the updates on Best of British - found on the top left panel. Best of British is under Glamour Incorporated, a fashion retail company that aims to support and bring the upcoming British designers to the shores of Asia.

As for me... shot previews of me and the super amazing jeans from ktz. Post NOT coming soon until the event and Blueprint is over. Didn't know it fitted me well!
Article recaps after the snaps.

Korean Night Festival the Third (this Sat, be there!)
Rain, Rain, and more Rain, (wish it was the weather)

even older news


Shinigami NO.2

This, is a mix of my shinigami outfit post NO. 2, about my life goal checked #74, my dreadful college woes, and the upcoming summer I can’t wait.

Where’s Shinigami post number one? Well, should be coming soon, sometimes, one day… and why is it called this? Is because of this exhilarating awesome long draped skirt from Mu I got which I feel like I could just bring on my katana and bring on my death god jobs.

Alas, as if Bleach’s story is true.

See how my assymetrical black skirt drops ever so raw-ly to give an extra bump of silhouette. The best thing was how the peeps around the stand were saying
"nice pants!"
and I said, "no its a skirt! LOL!"
they were surprised and "what did you do to the side? did you sew it yourself?"
"Oh goodness no, the designer lets us have fun with our own creativity to let the skirt drape in differ ways. It has buttons inside attached. Osm right?!"
and they all agreed. Couldn't be anymore satisfied. I wuff my one and only skirt! :)

Yay where I finally met Jordan of the ultra popular worldwide Balletcats since we've worked anything but face to face for the first batch at The Goods Dept. Did you miss our catfight?

•not to mention how i love this candid shot then it took my KTZ ring perfectly! wearing a maroon Giordano tank top, Buddha necklace, MU black skirt, Schu nude wedges•

               Then I also met another Jordan and Jess the polar opposite siblings all the way! LOL well they both were starving and finally after a dreadful long while and a contemplation to eat fish and co. we settled for Ootoya. I only came along to get my dessert (plus grabbing other foods they ordered as usual. We know each other too well in terms of food. When I say I'm not hungry or I DID get my dinner, there's always space to eat more) which was super super super on the top - nirvana seven! The best vanilla ice cream ever tasted. The texture was correct and the taste is superbly rich.

But anyhow, I’ve been planning to wear this skirt (I’ve been asked and pointed out several times, whether I’ve stitched the side hems myself to create the assymetrical drape look or not. Well you can judge yourself, what did I do with it? Answers coming below, who guessed right let me know) since a few days back planned in Singapore, in order to fit my little suitcase and immediately change when I touchdown Jakarta on the same day Brightspot Market opens its first night.

No I didn’t come all the way to Jakarta for – well more or less I did book a ticket to Jakarta by noon to catch the event in the city before returning to Bandung, my home sweet home. So yes, I did 20% came all the way for Brightspot. Confession of a wardrobe upgrade need. The solution: shop loads at the market to support local designers.

Outcome: Only managed to buy one.

Why why why? Every time I’d visit I’d only get one piece – one standout piece for sure, and it’s always white. And always patterned-like, as in, compare it below:

It’s ‘patterned-like’ and avant-garde. Left is Resida's Since Always, on the right is my new Danjyo Hiyoji sample dress (originally in tan) when poked out like this reminds me of either MMM or Viktor & Rolf. Hear hear. Only if I were to do this the whole time when I’ll be wearing this piece to my summer holiday at…



(I’d seriously never would do that but I’m friggin’ excited for my summer holiday)

I’ve got to plan my wardrobe. I’m going for the colorful hippie a la low-keyed Cavalli and Kenzo, all whites and neutrals combine a la Celine, and I’ve got no choice to try find more new things since this is failure. I was prepared okay, I’ve got my paycheck with me but I guess I’m saving it for more bespoke shoes.

Speaking of shoes, I’ve never released in public that I’m creating a bespoke shoe label for my final year diploma project. If there’s someone contacting me for it to actually produce them for the market, well, I would be stoked.

Who’d wear my shoes – no, let me rephrase.

Who would be my label’s daredevil and wear them?

             My shoes are one tricky thing and I’m crossing fingers I won’t trip when sporting them on the upcoming 26th May, 6:30PM. You all should come for the opening of the LASALLE SHOW ’11 (if you are in Singapore of course)! You might see me fall – it’s history! ;p

               Back to Brightspot, I was looking forward to meet Nico, Emily, Primo, and of course the rest of the Whiteboard team and the lovely Dinda! Then I met Tontey and the rest of the interns which they should be enjoying themselves working under them minus the distance from their house to the company’s office address that I’ll just close my eyes.

And during today, I managed to accomplish two things:

            To tick off life goals #74: Shoot a ‘stranger’ with a knifey question. Or something personal or something you know, that shoots at the heart. Like seriously since I want to know how they react. It can either be negative or neutral (which Caucasians or Western people would have this reaction, or even interested at it because of the question and even develops it out as a dialogue) in terms of human psychology.

To even more believe that I don’t have a pretty future with blond or slit-eyed kids but in return to have my thesis question ready for my BA year this upcoming new college term.

Sorry, Nico – you’re my victim!

I have a rationale and back up for this so bear with me, ;)

That was a touché touchy touchy subject I’m sure and I’d become a pelacurpelan pelan curhat moment but you took it well! Sorry dude, hahaha it was all planned. Because the thesis that “all men who are into fashion should be all gay” as a topic is forming well – and is so far with first-hand account been so clear in front of me. I don’t know what to believe anymore so that’s why these experiences and accounts I have will be much useful, if my lecturer allows. If not, then screw it, I’ll need to find another interesting thesis question for 6K words.

Your reaction and answer had confirmed my hypothesis. Thus, the proposal for this topic has a bigger chance. With another fashion event upcoming, I’ll probably just drop dead and this 6K word essay would be then a 110% diary of a pelacur. My diary of rants against! *evil laugh*

Anyhow it was definitely fun although real short but I’m truly apologetic if I’ve hurt you in any way. Next time with Primo which I didn’t manage to meet to continue on the fashion debate! Deffo that you’d know more fashion things more than I do – fashion is not my religion after all, it’s food. Oh wait, K-Pop. ;D

I am now writing at 2AM in the morning amidst my diploma project redo and I am sleepy – my bed here is so good I could sleep in all day, different to the one back in stuffy Singapore. This explains my MIA in this space. I’m more often active in Tumblr and Svpply for quick inspirations and on WHERE ON EARTH CAN I GET THIS KENZO SHOES. Tumblr is always always fun, fun, fun, fun. :)

I MUST GET. HONTOU KAITAI. It’s so me, it’s so Japanese, redefined. But, WHERE TO GET. :(