M R B L .

It started with the chosen project #5 : Packaging, to create six items: HANG TAG, LABEL, PRESS KIT, INVITATION, PACKAGING, and PROMOTIONAL ITEM for a brand we have to conceptualize ourselves, derived from the company we researched beforehand. With the bylines of its market and target audience, I had in mind way before everything : to create a bespoke shoe label.

First, researching on what shoes I liked and what the direction of the shoe design should be. Something that should be interesting and different that will surely get attention.

The inspiration board for the actual shoe design. Two varieties. Which one you guys prefer, Left or right?

Those were the rough sketches made on my notebook. Some are inspired by LV, United Nude, Heavy Machine, Raphael Young, Camilla Skovgaard, and others said in the inspiration board above.
Below are the 5 mood and inspirations for each respective design we should create previously stated above.

This was the first batch of design that got rejected.


M.RBL aims to be adorned by the world’s fashion daredevils.
M.RBL gains attention by its glinting spherical feature beneath your very feet.
M.RBL dresses your feet like a long-lost fashion Dorothy – you have now reached the highest sanctuary in the fashion wonderland with it.

This is M.RBL, the show-stopping shoes that demand to gather your fashion balls up – the only way to work it to the M.XMUM with a N.NCHLNT attitude.

Note: this is only the first prototype. The original shoe design is still under process. Would anyone like to have a pair of shoes from MRBL, either by your own design or through my consultation, do let me know.

It's walkable, trust me.

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