. K T Z W T G .

Above was the invite for Kokon ToZai's AW2011, entitled so. Don't ask me what it stands for - currently, I do not know and have no time to research. But may I boast that I could ask directly what it WTG means to the brainchild of the brand itself.

When, where, how, wha - ?

Before any bombards of questions, see below and start marking your mark on where the link leads you to. Anyone in Singapore and ravin' the one-of-a-kind dear KTZ, we should see you at the door or you'll be certainly expelled.

It's up on the kokontozai blog too! And I'm sure we all are ecstatic with the collection I call bandits runaway - all stripes and primary colors come into one. As for you all peeps who loves this as much as I do, don't fret and bite your nails as a teeny sneaks on what's THURSDAY NIGHT'S GONNA BE LIKE.

Keep on chanting.

Time to start marking your attendance here you party-goers and if you think that you stand a chance to be cooler than us and the strutters who's going to shake Butter on Thursday night!

Need to update your wardrobe to inject some bandit wear next season? I know I do... I've been eyeing this one piece and I know my paycheck's all going there when this term ends. Goodbye Hourani and Comme, I've made my choice.

See the updates on Best of British - found on the top left panel. Best of British is under Glamour Incorporated, a fashion retail company that aims to support and bring the upcoming British designers to the shores of Asia.

As for me... shot previews of me and the super amazing jeans from ktz. Post NOT coming soon until the event and Blueprint is over. Didn't know it fitted me well!
Article recaps after the snaps.

Korean Night Festival the Third (this Sat, be there!)
Rain, Rain, and more Rain, (wish it was the weather)

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Hope Adela Pasztor said...

love the yellow coat! =)


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I cant find where to follow!!!