Pink Romance.

Aptly taking name from K.Will feat. SISTAR & Boyfriend title track, I didn't realize that I was wearing the same pastel hue of pink on a hobo, super casual whatever day I didn't care to dress around. Coincidentally, the same pastel pink used all over my shirt, aviators and even to the plastic bag filled with Bandung goodies.

This should be a tropical country's valentine's day dressing alternative. However, this was the day after V-day - a packed V-day schedule that I held this post until - not a surprise act here - one month later, for 
WHITE DAY. So anyone celebrating White day of rejection/dejection/acceptations from your new beau? Here or not, your friends are here to stay.

*wearing homemade top, lycra pants, Bata gem sandals. Cotton On Aviators, Charles & Keith bag, bracelets from Grand Bazaar, Turkey*

Of course, shall we not have le boyfriend beside you/not existing/not present/not in town/other excuses, the ones who'll always be beside you are your friends. Remember, don't be boyfriend-centric. Your FRIENDS here, who will be there in times of sadness and happiness. And if our friends who are at honeymoon phase of their relationship stage, meaning the times of happiness and they tend to not contact you at all then... we don't get the happiness.

Well, aren't we always left out.

If it's a good thing that most ladies are single in Singapore... we're all free for each other to meet during this dreary day of being in the abyss of couples.

our mental fight. I hate Leeteuk. She is his wife. Otoke?

And the food we chum?

Tika's self made super good cheesecake, with humongous strawberry cuts

and another huge portion set meal from Ichiban Sushi which I haven't transferred.

Happy White Day - remember, you're not alone!

PS. Anyone knows how to delete that horrendous picture frame!?



The loot of M to the M.

Like previously introduced,  Singapore last week was bombarded with two events: one for the mass which caused a stir to have an overnight Q starting at 12:45PM by the OSN boys, and the rather more quiet one for the limited edition (very, very limited) pieces of TOPSHOP x Mary Katrantzou. Because a lot of damage was done during Marni at H&M, as it was for the mass and it was earlier (8 March), Mary came after (10 March) and I bet most have no more budget for the luxe cut of Topshop's unbelievable price.

At least,
Bought the Marni's, seen my Mary.

Was it a coincidence that both collaborators started with M?
Aaaaaanyway, went down to H&M thereafter the TOPSHOP morning proper frenzy and surprised to find a lot of Marni stuff left. But I understand why these are still persistent to hang in these cute racks! (focal point: the racks and the label, not the clothes. Heh heh)

don't worry, this will stay. take your time this week to purchase!

enclosing my loot from Marni:
 the necklace, the earrings, damage S$138.90
I believe in the States or so it's only $50?

Not wasting anymore time. TOPSHOP x NEWGEN x MARY KATRANTZOU.



Couldn't help but noticing that Singapore, in my hood at the heart of the city, lies a lot of trees and plants which sprouts out yellow flowers. Everywhere is yellow mellow, so then, good morning sunshines!

This was yesterday morning where the first morning, I didn't have to worry about my dissertation that is, FINALLY, OVER, AND, DONE, WITH, 3AM yesterday. Wondering why I was up so early about 8:20AM waking up to Boom Shakalaka (download ringtone here) and I was up fresh and ready for... my Mary.

If Singapore was so immersed with the two M's in fashion this week, I only could do so much to poem-ize to you for now as a preview for my next post:

m to the m
making to the ends
not for the queue
but for the goods

got my marni,
saw my mary
that was my week
end with a peek - down below, early morning, for the very short, nice Q for Mary Katrantzou at TOPSHOP Knightsbridge.

Because of course, the name of the building 'Knightsbridge' has such an English flair to it *insert your most gentlewoman Brit Engleeeesh accent* they gave us choco lollies in the morning that said "I less-than-three London Fashion Week (LFW)!" Because M couldn't come down to accompany in the end (really, my friend's name starts with an M, coincidence much? but we both got our Marni's, thanks much J!) so G joined me in last minute that she replied she likes Mary too. And so, early risers we met on the queue which was very nice and prop-ah no one skedaddled once the door was open.

So Gilbert, I told you no one exactly knows much about it. ;) But did you get something from Marni at H&M?

*wearing Alexander McQueen (yes it's carnation PINK) skull tee, DIY bleached shorts, Bata sandals. // As G pointed it out, my bag, from GoGirl! 7th Anniversary is skull-esque in a cuter way and it had to be also pinkish. Talk again about coincidence?*

So, yeah, the TOPSHOP NEWGEN tees and Mary and my little Marni at H&M loot. M to the M. Post up *cross fingers* next week. A sneak peek, here's below of the very, very limited rack of the items. Who knew the flower tee was 100% silk!? Felt like body lycra. We both were taken aback. Obviously not friendly in Singapore's weather...

Happy Sunshiney Sunday!



Hi there!

After getting an old copy of So-en magazine and I saw the must top 10 things to have in 2011 spread, which no. 6 or 7 was a pretty peter pan collar with lots of beads, I decided that during the summer I'd need to make one.

Thanks for my dear grandma, making collars is fast-forward 48x on your DVD remote!
(Remember the troubling days of fashion studies and its crime where I was crying over Juki, my sewing boyfriend, and the failed collar? Well, if my collar-making takes 2 hours, then my grandma has made me about 6 of them in the same allocated time!)

Talk about loveliness. I'd just need to get my hands on the accessories, and voila, done and done! I've worn this out before here, so more inspiration and how to make it, see the recipe below.



Find me? Challenge accepted.

Mystery solved. 
I was pondering where this adorkable glasses came from on my Tumblr showing my new favorite rookie (yet) B.A.P., and one of my pals popped up it was from Ksubi but I couldn't find it. I left it at rest a couple days until this picture of Mir and this glasses even in bigger resolution could stop me from focusing on my thesis writing and had to research on it now.

Thank goodness for search engines and apt words to fill in ("pixelated glasses" does it, that's it) and this came out.
Finally, I've found the designer, where and what and how and well, it's amazing!

Say hi to Dzmitry Samal, and his 5-dpi range, (love the name) the French designer (wearing his uber-cool product design. He should post this on Behance). Hats off to him to make the idea happen FIRST!

He also shared B.A.P.'s video on his Facebook group, as excerpted below. Boy, boy am I late. So I pinpoint the right one!

"B.A.P -- South Korean hip-hop groupe wear Dzmitry Samal's Glasses, video:"
 View the entire collection he has here, it's more than just pixelated!
You may now see my beautiful SVPPLY page with this glasses on top, just added, I NEEEEED IT to cover my stupid blemishes and hopefully it would make some sensor pixelation (too much watching TV).
Retails for Euro 298. Save me? Would Key buy it for me?
This really makes the end of my wallet life for Spring '12 . ALL THE GLORIOUS, GLORIOUS looks and accessories, not to mention the necklace I'm going for Marni at H&M... not to mention Blueprint in May. *wallet pulls my hair*
 It only my company were to represent it.
Hey wait, that's a good idea! Should have interested people in Asia...right? Anyone with me here? Because I WANT this. A typical Asian to wear lensless glasses all around.

Back to thesis.