Couldn't help but noticing that Singapore, in my hood at the heart of the city, lies a lot of trees and plants which sprouts out yellow flowers. Everywhere is yellow mellow, so then, good morning sunshines!

This was yesterday morning where the first morning, I didn't have to worry about my dissertation that is, FINALLY, OVER, AND, DONE, WITH, 3AM yesterday. Wondering why I was up so early about 8:20AM waking up to Boom Shakalaka (download ringtone here) and I was up fresh and ready for... my Mary.

If Singapore was so immersed with the two M's in fashion this week, I only could do so much to poem-ize to you for now as a preview for my next post:

m to the m
making to the ends
not for the queue
but for the goods

got my marni,
saw my mary
that was my week
end with a peek - down below, early morning, for the very short, nice Q for Mary Katrantzou at TOPSHOP Knightsbridge.

Because of course, the name of the building 'Knightsbridge' has such an English flair to it *insert your most gentlewoman Brit Engleeeesh accent* they gave us choco lollies in the morning that said "I less-than-three London Fashion Week (LFW)!" Because M couldn't come down to accompany in the end (really, my friend's name starts with an M, coincidence much? but we both got our Marni's, thanks much J!) so G joined me in last minute that she replied she likes Mary too. And so, early risers we met on the queue which was very nice and prop-ah no one skedaddled once the door was open.

So Gilbert, I told you no one exactly knows much about it. ;) But did you get something from Marni at H&M?

*wearing Alexander McQueen (yes it's carnation PINK) skull tee, DIY bleached shorts, Bata sandals. // As G pointed it out, my bag, from GoGirl! 7th Anniversary is skull-esque in a cuter way and it had to be also pinkish. Talk again about coincidence?*

So, yeah, the TOPSHOP NEWGEN tees and Mary and my little Marni at H&M loot. M to the M. Post up *cross fingers* next week. A sneak peek, here's below of the very, very limited rack of the items. Who knew the flower tee was 100% silk!? Felt like body lycra. We both were taken aback. Obviously not friendly in Singapore's weather...

Happy Sunshiney Sunday!

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