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After getting an old copy of So-en magazine and I saw the must top 10 things to have in 2011 spread, which no. 6 or 7 was a pretty peter pan collar with lots of beads, I decided that during the summer I'd need to make one.

Thanks for my dear grandma, making collars is fast-forward 48x on your DVD remote!
(Remember the troubling days of fashion studies and its crime where I was crying over Juki, my sewing boyfriend, and the failed collar? Well, if my collar-making takes 2 hours, then my grandma has made me about 6 of them in the same allocated time!)

Talk about loveliness. I'd just need to get my hands on the accessories, and voila, done and done! I've worn this out before here, so more inspiration and how to make it, see the recipe below.

variety of collars to start with. canvas/jeans can be painted, so bring on those beautiful watercolors.
don't limit yourself, polka-dots are always invited. or other patterns.

trinkets, charms, and all that bling.

- self-made collar-ssss (the hardest tricky part in basic fashion design, ask your most trusted tailor, or like me, my grandmere)
- your accessories. from charms to rhinestones or lace, it's your choice
- UHU glue, if you have no patience like me. preferably fabric glue
- needle/thread (if you're sewing charms)
- your creativity, research, sensibility, and patience.

It's been reinvented, repeated, numerous, varieties, etc. on this. But this is my first time doing it and I loved how it looks on me!

So, DIY Your Attached Collar Accessory

Compartments (trick)

Stones detail

Then, out of the blue, I found another good example I stumbled upon at Behance!
(which chugged me to finally write a post on this...)

Speechless, by Nicole Gavrilles

Love the editorial, and it is also one idea on how you can wear your collar!
Come on get your creative juices on and show how can you wear your new additional bone!
Tee hee!
Plus, Leigh also talked about collar inspirations in her post, which I recently have found.
Bless me that I have left this post in the drafts folder for so long and never got to update.

TIP: Use your next holiday to start getting crafty. This was for my summer project! Along with other projects including DIY: Dip

and another inspiration from fellow blogger MIS PAPELICOS (see her link on my MORNiNG NEWSPAPER)

of insect necklaces. ACE.

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