... The particular Friday, 2 weeks ago, confirmed my invitation to Tokyo, and the day that I was generously being pampered and well-serviced by a Japanese lady who does shiatsu for a living.

The particular Friday also showered me with heartfelt abundance and support from those who are dearest to me. It was a whirlwind week because I became agitated and anxious; waiting doesn't get you anywhere but trying to shun it off was impossible; it lingers around and around but I did manage to get it off on Wednesday!



These days happen to become on the month of "Miracle May" (how I dubbed it). The particular Monday 2 weeks ago needs its own personal post I haven't wrote in the longest time to say my thanks and gratefulness for the whirlwind I'm currently experiencing.

Monday was a bank holiday in London and I was still feeling under the weather, until 2 days later after this Monday.

Monday was when I checked my e-mail and it was there, the person who has been such a nice person I don't know how else to emphasize how nice and wonderful it is even though I have never met the person.

I'll be meeting the first time in person next week as of writing in Tokyo because he has given me the opportunity. And properly saying my gratitude and thanks. 7 days to go...

Again and again I say, he's one of the very rare and few people within the music/ent. industry that is just down to earth, nice, and strong in faith. Plus, he speaks English and is from Japan. How else could this be ever so 'lucky' for me? A-san, mata raishu!

Songs on repeat you should support and do. Because of this song (below) it has been the very element to where I am today and what I have received. Like his page and

Of course, listen to all his stuff!