Planned today to meet an old friend from my high school, Jang Ji Eun!
*then she called me to remove the picture, kekekekekeke*
Ate lunch together in Swensen's because there was a promotion of 1 get 1, me trying to avoid eating fast food ^^
After looking at the menu, I chose the special of the month thing which was fried fish with apricot and mayonnaise, and in the end Ji Eun also ordered the same. Heehee!
And after it came, it looks like a normal fish and chips thing like I can get from Ah Mei cafe... Although the fish was very soft. Nothing special really, and spent $9 including tax and services. WDF... I could eat it in Ah Mei and I think it's quite highly charged, but you get a bowl of soup as well.

After lunch, we headed inside Bugis Junction itself just to cool ourselves and see around as well. Continuing to Kino, I randomly checked out magazines and books and then spotted Singapore's Bazaar's open, and I flipped through since it was a newer edition and not the freebie resulting the smuggling from AFF~

Then I encountered it.
Skimming through the pages, I saw a familiar illustration... A blonde girl in a drawing style I know... then there it was in the caption that confirmed it all. Jan's (my first roommate) Haagen Dazs entree for the competition! (click to enlarge)

After that I showed my school, and guess what? THE NEW CAFE'S LOOKING GREAT! I bet it should be opening this Thursday... Man I'm missing lots thanks to one event back home...

After a round in Plaza Sing we said our goodbyes and I headed home, to do more packing. Going back tomorrow! Excited but then I would totally miss the net connection here - back home mine's still DIAL UP. Anyone can live with it? Well, I can. I never go online by then.
(that's why after this post I do not know when I would ever. Unless I'll go to Coffee Bean and start streaming internet in.)

But once my laptop's open, Youtubing is already on. I again, through subscriptions, found the newest Intimate Note subbed where the special FlyToTheSky 마지맠- last show, together. Hopefully they would resume their FTTS again in the future.
There was of course, Brian, HWANHEE, and WHEESUNG and Lyn.
It was so hilarious in the first half, too goofy and just SO awkward - Wheesung is naughty haughty (with his mission!)!

*Shiney Wheesung nose and cheeks XD*
The FAMOUS HWANHEE singing style interpreters. HILARIOUS.
Brian's face is the face of the day. Seriously!

I seriously hate cleaning up.

Especially moving out. Crap I still have loads of stuff and I've forgotten many things I would still have to bring tomorrow! A whole bag, then my DF model, Coke, files, bathing basket, laundry rack... and while piling trash and what to bring, I happen to find this:

V's old present gift wrap from last year! She gave me a cooking book on making fast cakes. Since I would be having a kitchen now it would be now useful. Before when I got it I was taken aback, like what? LOL. And I couldn't just throw this away even though it's only made out of artcard and masking tape, the writing does it. So before I throw it away (sorry sorry) I photographed it. At least it would be in my archive here now.
So far, here's what my room looks like now. More empty. One academic year living here, now leaving.

And I might encounter more trash/treasure along the way. Whew and my flight today's at 4PM! Would have to leave at 2PM,
but for the past month I didn't get to buy my mom's medicine I just remembered, and my friend's order! Tomorrow would be P)Q#U$P)!(#U:IDFJ@#P*LFKSDJ@)#DKLS:JF)

Pray for me, peeps.



Before I would return to my home sweet home to Indonesia, I arranged a visit to see my beloved nephew, age 2 months before I leave and see him again in the next 2 months! The day was gloomy from the morning but not humid and there weren't any raindrops left on my window so that means it hasn't rain... So then the weather is compromising for walking out! :D
Anyhow, arriving in Bedok then continued on the journey to where my cousin lives...

Too ADORABLE TO RESIST BUT I NEVER CARRY HIM, 4 months for me would be safe.
Then compare to him in early April...

*very cute he cries when he's hungry and that's the time he ever cries and sucks milk super fast then at the last quarter and all, his speed starts to decline and his eyes becomes droopy... sleepy...*

Prior to lunch time, we headed to Old Airport Rd. since my uncle wanted me to try the newest best fishball he just found. It was one huge hawker square and it was pouring quite hard, so then that was the trick to eat one famous lor mie that the queue was 'normally' long but because of the rain it was still bearable to wait in line.

My uncle bought me the EXTRA size portion when I looked at it OMG how can I finish this bowl of noodles and the meat and all... my aunt also bought a bowl of fishballs and it just tasted CHEWY QUEWY DELICIOUS! The best I've ever tried so far! Compared to cheap fishballs that has like only 40% fish maybe. But in the end, I ACTUALLY FINISHED IT. WOW I'm also surprised at myself and my tummy was not as bursting as it should be. Then for a drink afterwards hot almond milk to (probably) make it all go down...

A small trip made to Sennett Place because I wanted to see my uncle's recent Japan trip and I know that my uncle has a flair behind lens so yes, the colors and candid shots of the people were stunning, the cherry blossom is pweetie! :)

on the way... under my umbrella.

*i knew it was going to rain so I unpinned my paper flower. Shoes soaking wet*


Illustrators Inspired.

From model Coco Rocha's,

found in my LJ mynameisbritta,

blogger Paper Fashion,


renown French illustrator Coco,

and many more, still in the works and me scourging for more.
These are the new artists I've just discovered today; my database has again expanded and needs more memory!
I'm a sucker for illustrators esp. watercolor... OH. <3


If you want to have an affair, fully run on justice and law country of Singapore would make you think twice.

Seen in Peninsula Plaza, Singapore.

Portfolio Photography Project (Part Two)

As promised.
More of behind the scenes and the actual shots! On Sunday I got the final images edited by Mal, and also from V's camera in which I did my works there as well. :)
This bamboo site took like 2-3 hours with the same location, same outfit and all that before we moved to our main site.
Here are the shots of my favorite from V's camera the one I took, and you can see more of the original sets on Mal's post, where his works are posted above this writing.

*edited by V*

aaaand moving on to our main site, it is just perfect.
the composition of where the wires drop, the board which balances with the grey bunch of wires.
the major sharp edges and cracks of it, the bold line that cuts in the middle, it's just THE BEST.

on the site... some miscellaneous snaps as well.
Junkyard Beauty...?

*candid shot*

*fave shot! captures the whole thing and two being, lost in the amidst of it. and this was taken naturally and not posing*

Because it was a restricted place, thus we moved out to a place that Mal and I found out when buying lunch, it was a small open tunnel in just on the way.

*super stylish shot, too much exposure, too lazy to photoshop it yet.*

Alas, the depression has gone on since we were banished from the main site of our project, because when Mal scouted the place there wasn't anyone to ask, but then there was the inner building of the clubhouse which was made from glass and people could look at us. When we were there, I bringing the soft box as well (heavy!) and we were getting ready then I think Mal saw and then asked permission through the window, probably soundproof that the lady inside listening, or watching him speak without any voice then got closer to the window but still had the 'huh?' face. Mal pointed at us, as I held a camera and showed we wanted to take a shoot, plus the soft box.

(candid behind the scenes and the works are in part one.)

Stoopid Midnight Craving.

My sudden craving. I want cookies, anything cookies, not biscuits, and it's plus point if the chocolate chip MELTS in your mouth.

Should I even THANK this guy (Wally Amos, Famous Amos founder) who has disturbed my diet ever so greatly?

He looks different from those packaging. Like just came back from a Hawaiian vacation doncha think?

But, I found something that melts in your mouth thing. Before I like Chips More, their taste for cheap (nah on a budget) cookies are delicious, really!
But my fairytale page has made my fairytale even better: Carrefour's own chocolate chip cookies!
The chocolate chip MELTS like Mrs. Fields or Amos'!
$2.55 only as well! My new snacking product of the days to come.

(T_________T don't blabber mom that I got phatter)


SHINee+SuJu Morning Entertainment!


Firstly it was SHINee's 'Romeo' teaser trailer of 18 sec. AND IT'S NOT ENOUGH.
And their new haircut, puh-leeeezzzeeee dear SM don't do anything else to them anymore! You've molested Minho's pretty nose enough and the wavy haircut to my little brother is UNACCEPTABLE with Jonghyun and Onew. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!



Only Minho and Key looks fine from here...
More and credits to All K-Pop, as usual

why does the .gif image doesn't work? Nothing works for me right now here! GRR

Then Super Junior Intimate Note Part 2!!!!!
Can't get anymore hilarious.

*sudden 'Sorry Sorry' plays and gets in position ASAP*

*Crazy Hee-sica, aka Heechul plus Jessica*

*Kangin and his super mini-skirt, being cautious*
*Heechul's FLASH! Makes the MC and PD's go just -,-" *

Go watch! IT'S A TOP MUST :) :)
Just wait for opening of SHINee Romeo on 21st this month for us becoming their Juliet's ~<3>