Portfolio Project Photoshoot (Part One)


The project to build Malcolm's hair+photography portfolio with my classmates Angela and V and MUA Joyce. The images above is the kind of look and theme Mal wants to get, and after a first meetup, then a visit to Angela's wardrobe in Potong Pasir (where I then continued my journey to Serangoon's Salvation Army),
then looking and creating five looks, mix and matching the clothings that they mostly have, which are the clean, androgynous look, plus V's Muji's striped sweaters which gives the 'prisoners' look, and both are going to wear it.
A totally white outfit with my white bugs sunnies white cargo white jacket and shiney dark blue shoes owned by Angela's BF,
a Japanese printed (a yakuza aura) sweater with ripped super-skinny black denim and barefooted to complete the look,
then the two suits with a grunge rebel feel on the shoes which are not conventionally 'office wear' (blazers/top suits, black black black) with Docs aka. Dr. Martens Air Wair (I'm totally not a fan, but somehow I can see myself wearing it, hmmmmmm. I wonder why people rave it so much? Tell me why?) and black Converse.

The perfect perfect perfect location would be an abandoned house/place/feel. Talk about NO TRESSPASSING buildings where we can get caught by police if they see us. The law works here, in Singapore, not like Indonesia where it doesn't work at all. Sometimes it is an annoyance, sometimes it also gives chances. So have your pick, everything needs to have a balance and a price to pay to get something. So as a photographer Malcolm went scouting to Fort Canning, then actually found an AWESOME PUUURRRFECT PLACE.
Now usually these locations (as in, hard to find one or the one that has a signature, in this case, abandoned is the keyword) fellow photographers won't like to share. I actually do agree. If you find a good place and it IS awesomely nice nice nice nice then I also would not want to share. It goes the same for project research and all, I mean it's our key to be different in this competitive world (ITS JUST THAT THE WORLD HAS TOO MANY PEOPLE, WE HAVE TO CUT DOWN BIRTH RATES OF PERANAKAN, MUSLIMS IN THE VILLAGES, AND WESTERN PEOPLE UNLESS THEY CAN EDUCATE THEIR CHILDREN WELL TO MAKE A GOOD DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD).

Wow anyhow how could utterubbishing come in to somewhere in the middle of a photoshoot journal. Very unconnected. Somehow.

So making the photoshoot today was planned yesterday. The day before where Mal went scouting and found that place, so we were set and ready. However didn't ask for any approval; there wasn't anyone to ask, he says.

Yep it the sense and mood created by this background would be suitable for all these looks. Except the garden part... That was up to him... LOL.
That building looks N-I-C-E S-U-P-E-R-B.
So then agreed to meet in Dhoby Ghaut (not dhoby goath, Mal, hahahahaha) at 10:30AM today.
Went up, up, up to Fort Canning behind Park Mall, which was more exactly to a club house.


hike hike up & away

mosquitoes CURSE YOU ALL.

(LOL LOL XD) sorry, just not accustomed to V being 'pretty' thx to the clip.

massive mane madness of Angela's

more coming... I'm TIRED!
It's now the 15th of May, FRIDAY, means at 1PM later Shonen Jump chapters after TWO RELENTLESS WEEKS (thanks to Golden Week) is up!
But I've got some school project to attend, a meeting. Gah. But shopping afterwards to Cityhall.
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