A Cuppa Tea.

So on a Wednesday my cousin rang again in the morning only to find myself waking up from it.

"Sorry-sorry-sorry-sorry" (a SuJu ringtone)

Then she invited me for lunch, before the usual dimsum place she's crazy about then changed to so-called Tea Cafe behind NLB, Seah St.
So I thought it was going to rain, but then it turned out ultra sunny that I regretted wearing what I wore.
Since it's like a high-tea kind of menu, with a great variety of teas to choose (from the most common teas like darjeeling, chamomile to the more rarer interesting ones, which my cousin suggested white french rose tea and herself taking pear tea), and the food menu was more to finger foods it turned out to be interesting.

*my white french rose tea with delicious super slim-sliced biscuits and the piping glass teapot*

The tea is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. The aroma usually that is found in those rose-scented lotions from Marks & Spencer, I'm now drinking it~ <3
Then came the finger foods, which was cucumber sandwich. Quite a funny thing, but it is most tasty, fresh, and delicioussssss. I think the cucumbers aren't the normal ones, because when I tried at home to make it, it tasted different.

(haven't told you that the tea cafe owner is a Japan-graduate for tea things so I'm betting the cucumbers must be imported from Japan or somewhere else)

Cucumbers and those seeds for rice flavoring I think, creates the flavor, maybe something else, but visibly I only saw that two. The white bread has been pressed so the rectangle-cut sandwich is very thin. Cold served too, with Singkong chips that of course, originated from MY country.

One egg was then ordered after a little 'oh no I don't need-but you're a still a bit hungry right-oh fine then okay can order'. I thought it was just going to be a normal egg, I mean, like, when my cousin offered me, egg only? As in omelette or what? So I just agreed. One round of egg won't hurt right, I was picturing as a normal boiled egg. Surely they don't sell only like one boiled egg? That's weird.

But when it came... Gosh when I took my first bite... GAWD WHEN I ATE THE YOLK... it was utterly speechlessly (surprisingly because it's not just a boiled egg) succulent mouthwatering tongue twisting. Hey, that's a lot for just a japanese styled boiled egg, in brown liquid, I think the onsen style of boiling it, because the yolk tastes different and it looks shiny. You seriously have to try this egg, wow wow woweez. The next time I would go to an onsen I'll be surely to ask the person how to boil the egg onsen style, is it the same or not, but without the sauce thing. OOOH it's just over the top. Better than ice cream really. Protein over carbos! :D

The clouds still not compromising as I looked out and it was shining super bright, the owner came. She greeted lively and then went chatting to my cousin on their latest works and beyond; what they've been up to and all. Then my cousin moved it to me, introducing me in LASALLE and was going to Fash Comm... still a debate within me. A bit of more talks and all, she unveiled her interesting new project which was being a stylist; she had no background on it however on fashion, but her quirky sense of style (wearing a loose translucent black top with an inner tank, then just normal black slacks and amazingly has a small feet unproportioned to her whole body then something like a sarong as a skirt she wore and her persistent and concrete concept of the 3-day project in the museum - taking all traditional elements in the clothings of many Asian countries, blend it together, but the traditional feel has been erased by changing and designing it as the now style. Transfusion and transitions of change. It would be challenging but a definite fun and experience that I sadly have to miss it because I was not going to be around... T_T

With the privileges of being a friend of the owner (or did my cousin paid it all? =x) she said "I let you try..." several times, showing out her new creations. Yes she does and creates recipes herself and if she has this new recipe in mind mixing, for e.g. chocolate and ginger would actually taste exotic with orange (if I recall) and she would make it. If it suceeds, then in the menu it goes.

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