Stoopid Midnight Craving.

My sudden craving. I want cookies, anything cookies, not biscuits, and it's plus point if the chocolate chip MELTS in your mouth.

Should I even THANK this guy (Wally Amos, Famous Amos founder) who has disturbed my diet ever so greatly?

He looks different from those packaging. Like just came back from a Hawaiian vacation doncha think?

But, I found something that melts in your mouth thing. Before I like Chips More, their taste for cheap (nah on a budget) cookies are delicious, really!
But my fairytale page has made my fairytale even better: Carrefour's own chocolate chip cookies!
The chocolate chip MELTS like Mrs. Fields or Amos'!
$2.55 only as well! My new snacking product of the days to come.

(T_________T don't blabber mom that I got phatter)

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