Portfolio Photography Project (Part Two)

As promised.
More of behind the scenes and the actual shots! On Sunday I got the final images edited by Mal, and also from V's camera in which I did my works there as well. :)
This bamboo site took like 2-3 hours with the same location, same outfit and all that before we moved to our main site.
Here are the shots of my favorite from V's camera the one I took, and you can see more of the original sets on Mal's post, where his works are posted above this writing.

*edited by V*

aaaand moving on to our main site, it is just perfect.
the composition of where the wires drop, the board which balances with the grey bunch of wires.
the major sharp edges and cracks of it, the bold line that cuts in the middle, it's just THE BEST.

on the site... some miscellaneous snaps as well.
Junkyard Beauty...?

*candid shot*

*fave shot! captures the whole thing and two being, lost in the amidst of it. and this was taken naturally and not posing*

Because it was a restricted place, thus we moved out to a place that Mal and I found out when buying lunch, it was a small open tunnel in just on the way.

*super stylish shot, too much exposure, too lazy to photoshop it yet.*

Alas, the depression has gone on since we were banished from the main site of our project, because when Mal scouted the place there wasn't anyone to ask, but then there was the inner building of the clubhouse which was made from glass and people could look at us. When we were there, I bringing the soft box as well (heavy!) and we were getting ready then I think Mal saw and then asked permission through the window, probably soundproof that the lady inside listening, or watching him speak without any voice then got closer to the window but still had the 'huh?' face. Mal pointed at us, as I held a camera and showed we wanted to take a shoot, plus the soft box.

(candid behind the scenes and the works are in part one.)

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