AFF'09 Day One.

Schedule of 4 PM till' midnight, I came running because I was running late. Should have known Singaporeans tend to always be not on the dot however always after the allocated time. But still, I gotta stick to my disciplines, I despise people being late, no exceptions unless it's very urgent. Moving here has made me shift from being a discipline person to a more relaxed (thanks to my lecturers who a few are late and is always so). BAD BAD BAD

After signing in, waiting for half an hour, then our work starts, while my friend became the dresser at backstage, I and the rest of the peeps here became ushers and did all the 'rough' work. Packing goodie bags for each seat, cleaning up, putting magazines on every seat, paste labels on chairs, la la la~
*me and the tag*

Eating dinner, models were also on the break. THERE WAS A GROUP OF GUY MODELS FROM PUGH'S SHOW ALL MAKE-UP READY ALL OH-SO HANDSOME TALL AND HAS THE COOL LOOK. There was also a couple model, the girl's has this cool and very beautiful look
Three shows in a day, three times this routine we do. Moving in and out from the storage room then putting another edition of a magazine, then when guests come we are to "push" them to the show (as in the show is starting, please enter the tent, thank you, or in a rough way "HEY HURRY UP THE FREAKIN' SHOW IS STARTING QUARTERLY THANKS TO YOU IT HAS BEEN DELAYED TOO LONG").

The first show has been delayed for an hour, aka Gareth Pugh's was originally supposed to start at 7pm however started at about 8pm-ish. And thus it continued onto the next shows which was also delayed for an hour.

Enough utterubbishing. Back to the show, Pugh's started with an awesome video showing the silhouettes and the magic within his more 'earthy' designs, as his inspirations do come from the earth... "People [have the impression that] my clothes are futuristic, so this season I wanted to do something earthy." Compared to his previous designs, more draping, flowing and heavy drops becomes the major capture of his garments.

the video showing its shadows and silhouettes

Most people would adore this, I also do adore, since he made a difference in those deconstruction and innovation in design. However, his designs are only as a wearable art and not the ones you can wear to a cocktail party. Unless you want to stand out. Some of them are still sleek and clean in design, as an LBD, and it is pretty if you walk (can see in image 3 where the front model has that flying cape behind her, LOL).

As you can see, compared like other blogs, I won't cover much on him since he's not my favorite. :) However he was the only international designer that comes (Lacroix, Jacobs and Westwood didn't attend) that's why everyone made a big fuss out of it, and he even DJ-ed at night in Zouk. Talk about double talent!

The second show was for a fundraising event, after a round of Hansel and Nicholas' fashion show, I didn't take pictures; I'm not too keen with hansel's designs (and is shocked that Jo Soh graduated first class honors in CENTRAL ST. MARTINS. WOW) but Nicholas' were androgynous which I liked. All the fundraising dresses were red to support women's cancer (or something like that). Hansel, Nicholas, Nikicio, stellarissa, and many other local/international designers, two from Indonesia! :) And they were auctioned off on spot.

* I think this is Nicholas, I forgot :P *

The show was fine, but then the last show was my most favorite! I SIMPLY ADORE INDIE DESIGNERS (or maybe because it suits my style?) and this one is a showcase from blackmarket's designers, indie designers from around Asia, mostly Singapore's.

*Reckless Ericka*

*the ending with each designer*

I loved all the five designers for Blueprint 2009 pheat. Blackmarket, and you can also visit them here!


Back to utterubbishing. Thanks for the delay, we finished the show at 00:30, then quickly cleaned the tent up with leftover flyers or any trash. Closed the day at 1AM; this is what you get when an important event hires a bad EO company. Screw you Mercury Marketing. Very unproffesional even before the show started.

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