Before I would return to my home sweet home to Indonesia, I arranged a visit to see my beloved nephew, age 2 months before I leave and see him again in the next 2 months! The day was gloomy from the morning but not humid and there weren't any raindrops left on my window so that means it hasn't rain... So then the weather is compromising for walking out! :D
Anyhow, arriving in Bedok then continued on the journey to where my cousin lives...

Too ADORABLE TO RESIST BUT I NEVER CARRY HIM, 4 months for me would be safe.
Then compare to him in early April...

*very cute he cries when he's hungry and that's the time he ever cries and sucks milk super fast then at the last quarter and all, his speed starts to decline and his eyes becomes droopy... sleepy...*

Prior to lunch time, we headed to Old Airport Rd. since my uncle wanted me to try the newest best fishball he just found. It was one huge hawker square and it was pouring quite hard, so then that was the trick to eat one famous lor mie that the queue was 'normally' long but because of the rain it was still bearable to wait in line.

My uncle bought me the EXTRA size portion when I looked at it OMG how can I finish this bowl of noodles and the meat and all... my aunt also bought a bowl of fishballs and it just tasted CHEWY QUEWY DELICIOUS! The best I've ever tried so far! Compared to cheap fishballs that has like only 40% fish maybe. But in the end, I ACTUALLY FINISHED IT. WOW I'm also surprised at myself and my tummy was not as bursting as it should be. Then for a drink afterwards hot almond milk to (probably) make it all go down...

A small trip made to Sennett Place because I wanted to see my uncle's recent Japan trip and I know that my uncle has a flair behind lens so yes, the colors and candid shots of the people were stunning, the cherry blossom is pweetie! :)

on the way... under my umbrella.

*i knew it was going to rain so I unpinned my paper flower. Shoes soaking wet*

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