Green, Pink and Everything Nice.

lost kid in wonderland:)

Not knowing what to wear, I opened my very messy wardrobe and started to see which shhould I wear. Truthfully many of my clothes I rarely wear, I can meet it in the next 2-3 months after I wear it, unless it's a basic wear or something I don't have and have to wear it (like my blacks, I have not so many blacks thus when I work and the dresscode is black head to toe it's the most miserable thing. Mind me, I'm a white person).
I first took a green dress, then usually wearing it like an overall. Then I thought, why not putting my white shirt that I usually wear it together outside, and inside out. after I tried that, it starts to get interesting where I took my green... overall? (you decide) and wore it over. Three layers in a country just a few degrees beside the equator. However the weather was supporting so it wasn't that striking, the sun that is.
*forest green dress, white T, green scrunched overall, topshop polkadot hosiery, DIY flats + new hair! :)*

Snapped up before going out. Those knee-high's are just for fun. If I were to wear that I would look like a clown really, and peeps out there would think 'whut derr fakq is she wearing'. Somehow my new short hair makes me go to the 'cuter' side (my face looks rounder) and reminds me of the 12-year-old blogger Tavi. It's OK if I was in Tokyo going out because weather is still easy breezy. Hmmh the cherry blossom spring.

in the ice cream parlour!

Haji Lane was our destination. A plan after yesterday's talking about how we were both bored so Vanessa and I went out to just look around (she has ever step foot on the lanes behind Bugis). These were the indie shops and small boutiques where we could get one of a kind things and designs that are not commercial. Went store by store, Victoria Jomo as the cutest cutest store, and that colorful background is in Bali Lane... I forgot but it turned out nice those colors! Who knew it could be so nice in a photograph but when I look at it it's quite junkie outside, messy messy messy.

It was a perfect afternoon! I usually perspire like a bucket full or two, 3PM is the hottest time of the day here in Singapore and so on, but it was quite cloudy and a bit breezy~

After a round of walking and snapping, went to get dinner at Shihlin @ the Cathay, fried chicken cutlets awaits hot and deeeeeeeliiiiisssshhhh :) :) :) :)

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