I have officially graduated (nonetheless I still do not know my status whether I did pass or I have to retain. However I know that my attendance is of perfect level and my classes feedback are of average B+++++++. Yes, not A, because each guru gave me a 69 and not 70) for my Diploma! That's my shoes shoes shoes for M R B L.

*Jiggy Pinocchio dance*

•Fashion textile prints•

           I don't know if it's just plain coincidence but I have said this repeatedly to everyone why and how's life in Singapore currently. I came here at the right time and place. How right?

       Well, the fact that our Fashion Dept. has been collaborating with Korean Universities and professors and we'll have an exchange program.
       The fact that I am the youngest graduate in the year for diploma (I'm still 18YO ya'll!) and the college's timetable has given me freedom to do all sorts of things I like to do, and what they didn't teach me doing.
       The fact that I had remembered my old childish dream to want to meet/work with the stars I was a fan of, (those were the days of a better Hollywood and when TV was still safe for kids like me watching Kenan & Kel sputtering "my orange soda?!") and I simply wanted to become either a movie director because I get to meet them plus boss them around or an actress itself so I get to work with them.

      It all came back after I had a couple jobs to fill in my experience when I'm now a journo for Korea.com / Whiteboard that I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED MY LIFETIME GOAL.

      As a journo and going to all these events and such, training me to be a professional person by attending press conferences was not taught at school. By experience, by learning to understand each time how the event goes, I have matured myself and as Lenne say, I could bring myself well.

Moreover did I have to prim myself well as the PR / Project Manager in the company I part-time for, previously my intern place, Glamour Inc. The name says everything. I do not want to screw that up.

Anyhow, as '11 is the year I have graduated for the first time from this college (IT HAS BEEN THREE FRIGGIN' YEARS SINCE I MOVED?) and the famous 11:11 wish commemorates the wishes and dreams prayed inside each final year project to please hire me or get me noticed and some investor would like to invest or hire us. ;)

Here goes: My personal favorites and my own project at The Lasalle Show '11!

*WARNING: Photos heavy from the extensive exhibition!*

• M R B L Bespoke Shoe Label by me!•

•Year one photography project. Remember the Beast Within? I guess lecturer G is so biased on us here she decides to take over the whole space for our YEAR ONE. I apologize to my fellow fashion disciplines, such as from Design that a few of their stuff aren't exhibited. And we could always put another rack in this corner.•

•Siobhan's Journal, Ingrid's RAK, Mayble's JNBY. The Nature corner in the fashion exhibition•

•I love Hazel Tan's super cute Topshop IT GIRL Campaign•


Yes yes I am biased towards  Lim Siang Ching's Pattern Matters. It's deathly gorgeous and captivating I just love the whole thing. It's as meticulous and detailed as it gets. I wouldn't mind learning through Patterns when I'm young. I think it gives a creativity boost for our young brain to develop our right side of the brain if teachers were to start teaching with these.

Stephie's / Lyrid's super CUTE PIECE TOO I want to bring them home too! Check her cute blog on the left panel list!•

•I don't mind buying this as my fruit juice or milk or tea bag. Hands DOWN.•

•Children's storybook reinvented in the most artistic way possible. I'd get my hands on this straight if it was really sold. Sucker for packaging and outer looks•

Packxtentions by Kennard, the crazy kid with this big concept. This needs super genius brain to create all the patterns for the cardboard to be re-utilized and be in a different shape after its first shape. Amazing transformation and thought. Too crazy for me to think so far!•

•I found my favorite font in this FONTIONARY! And again someone needs to seriously invest in this creation. Highly useful. Or the designer should actually make a deal with Visionary or something and produce it.•

•A variety of the reinvention of Newspaper design and dimensions. I LOIKE!•

•Think green, as usual guys!•

•Made with paper, laces, paper, paper, paper being cut, lasered, boxed, glued, etc. LOVE!•


•Gawd Marsha's work! I didn't know until I checked the name!•

ART Therapy

I have not managed to take snaps in the Fine Arts room! But they've got loads of interesting pieces to keep your eyes peeled!
               Something I then picked up - I love collecting these novelties! Like hang tags, which I love to collect as well seen at my Tumblr, these are also my favorites to keep!

•Nothing is considered me visiting an exhibition without picking up free design inspiration: the quick, the easy and fuss free in size: name cards! Here's my chosen favorites•

    Of course I had to prepare my own, but this is more or less my corporate name card for myself, created to support my 'Playground' (seen on top left panel). Yeah, I did cut off to create the diamond shape all by hand. All 200. And it's depleting like hot cakes! I've only topped up like about 10 each day and I have to keep cutting everyday. The woes of being utterly weird in shape.

Congratulations guys, we did it for this year! Keep the faith for yourselves and keep wishing the best at 11:11AM/PM for anything you want, because we CAN!

Yeah, anyone wants to buy my shoes or design it under mine? Let me know! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ^^

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