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photo spam (of moi),

camera testing

•wearing a KTZ black tunic with tassels, tie-dyed shirt, DIY jeans harness, Supre purple leggings,
9West white heels.
Accessories: Buddha yellow bauble necklace, red glasses, Matryoshka pouch•

snap checkin' with lynette of kokokoreano. helped me out + special coverage for the site as in and out photog of the event! yay!

Couldn't get a better facial expression from J so here's the best thing he can do. We were the door bitches. Well, until I resigned to sojourn to the party floor earlier. :)

yeah, the other door biatches were bad to me. kacau face mash-up. I smile they 'tude. then its VV. funny, not.

now, onto the peeps!

Renessa and Diana

The fun fun friends who came just for me ;3
(this is where the part the sound fx 'awww' should come. but thanks guys fer comin'!)


the big crew of Rayson, Daryl, Jen...

our crew with maknae Rachel!

Fads - who else? Stealing my bijoux top. ;p

Bohyun ssi of Suecommabonnie!
(remember this?)

Duh, who else, Sasha of KTZ!


Jennifer and JJJJAAAANNN!

Junho sunbae! kkkk~

 Cary and Rachel

 Ze Butter Factory owners who sports KTZ as well and from their online store Nightvision.

fashion presentation and party!

who's the grrl! now put yo hands up and click away to support us at Best of British/BOB on top left! this is for anyone who wants KTZ to be delivered to you in Asia, hell yeeeeeah.

more photos on the album too!

Kudos to The Buttah Factory. This event was made possible by the thumbs up to vandalize FASH by noneother than weelikeme, Adrian.



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