Two amazing days of relaxation - I've not bothered until today to wrap up the days where things really pump up excitement, adrenaline; and the madness of being utterly bored with nothing to do (errr...) and relentless boredom of facing dear laptop daily where there's nothing to look forward too. Been a nerd of not going out and explore what's new in stores, visual merchandising and such, so Wednesday night was the time to get out - either alone or in the end, Mr. K K K came over and we pushed our keys in and ignited our shopping mood FULL THROTTLE!


         I needed to meet another friend to get more Gakkenflexxies in hand, then roaming around bookstores for an hour or so browsing flipping through before
"Raaaiiisaaaahhhhhh, I'mm onmawah there yaahhh wait for me"
and so I needed to hence, wait.

I was in the mood to spend on something, and class was 'dismissed' for 1.5 hours to have a 'Creative Artist Time" to just get out alone and buy something that excites, either a ridiculous pen or a wonderful journal or a stinky old notebook, or found a new place to chill, whatever that could trigger your creativity; bloom your brain like a mind map from this thing or place we've found in this time. And I felt like I had to return and check if they still have the size, afraid that size M would be out. I've not been shopping since the River Island jacket and Zipia orders, I think that's so far way back! And my mom likewise, supported me to get them
"yes you deserve it go get it, dad plays golf every now and then now and he spends almost the same amount for that leggings you want"
without guilt and dug all my cash at that time and after one last time trying (struggling) to fit the size M making sure it's my motivation to diet and to not rip the oh-so-fragile-nylon-spandex piece... finally brought it to counter, chose the other size M article as the sewing was correct the other was quite off, and paid.


Took snaps of the place as we were told to do...

 •Front door, the steps to be known, the comfy changing room with furry soft red rug•

         Off I went after class immediately out after dropping my stuff at home and head to town without patience. I didn't forget to withdrew some more $$ on the way, not knowing the amount was exactly what will I spend that day.

         Long story short, Kevin then came along and we teetered tottered along Taka-Wisma-ION, him looking for new shoes to kick in and me just itching to spend something, after a big decision to NOT get both thick birthday editions of the Korean Vogue Girl and Elle Girl. Nothing excites, although what I was interested was the poster they inserted of the 8-year journey... anyone has and wants to donate it to me? It would be the greatest inspirational source for me for my wall! =D

Whereas me, found another soul mate which SUITS the leggings nicely in P•O•A (People of Asia) where they had a 2-for-1 price, and the top is just casual, nice, flimsy, light, and has details of drapery and deconstructive - LIKE! Tried the grey, immediately got both with black.


All $$ gone! End of day!
I got something Kevin didn't want the teeny bit of defected spots on the shoes found in River Island and a little おいしいいいい bite in the fried Japanese stall, delicious croquettes for just $1, and well Kevin got addicted.

Enough ranting, I am very pleased to say, that I'm a very proud proud proud owner of:

•the two bags that hold my little new precious! ACTUALLY...'s bag is unique!•

•take a look at the dazzling one scares one shines.
Here goes: Actually for $169
POA 2-for-1 $49

 •the three! POA has wrapped nicely together as a package!•


This is the 2 - N - E - 1  Revolution, yo!
This is what you spell F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S,
bling bling bling
cast a spell on my legs
ring ring ring
Not the usual moderate
Spotlights the bottom not the top!

       Plainly rejoicing and a blissful days thus far. Super duper happy SUPER WOW OMG. Moving onto my next hunts, unless ya'll wants to get me as a sign of affection, here's window shopping wish list!

                                                                                 Before New Look closes in 10 minutes time! Found these white high heeled boots that rocks my current look, all canvas white, just for $40 only! It also explains why they have no cushioning AT ALL and it hurts, I think it has pulled one string in my leg, it seriously hurts!

If you know me, followed me since almost the start, then you would be familiar with this location. I had more vouchers to finish to, so here I am again, seeing the discount rack, trying to see what could I get. Awesome pair of patchwork jeans, but I guess I shall need to put it back in the rack (and they didn't have my size. SUCK! 40 40 40 40 40 40 not 42)

I AM, looking for these kind of patchwork with leather skinnies le boyfriend wore which he outshone the rest (yeah you sucker should be in uniform and also wear black bottoms! =P):

It has a bionic feel but still casual because of the blue color jeans, comparing with ultra-bionic Balenciaga 2006 superb legwear.

(Wa-wa-wa-wait my little brother wearing skirt that has another fabric patch attached to look like pants? And dear Dubu's legs, the silhouette just look damn awkward! xD)

Alright, showing off done for today! What I'll get next is that Irregular Choice pink irregular heels... pretty!

Ah, make sure to track back, uploaded the debut of my own V-Logging! =P

- DARYL HO CdG make nice, sew book like then
- Essay by Monday - the fleamadonna leggings
- Styling tuesday - ingrid
- D&C layout TMRW.

(wish I was) Listening to: PROUD - Tohoshinki

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k said...

hahahaha raisa gw bahkan ga ngenalin kalo itu si shinee hahahaha yang keempat dari kiri kok super aneh gitu keliatannya XD

and yes i got addicted to the jap snack! udah 2 hari terakhir ini makan itu terus gitu hahaha shit bisa makin gendut ckckck amit2...