The SEA: Singapore Entertainment Awards 2010 was definitely a hit for SHINee fangirls - the moment the news was out, and it was, proved, the top sitting area was probably 99% Shawols. Let's keep my utterubbishing towards the end, here's a little award ceremony they would kind of like to be a bit controversial and experiment in garments!

It was conducted in Chinese and heck, I didn't know what they're blabbering about. Heehee

Take a look at the dress here, and a video below where she revealed under a hilarious over-the-top sparkly whatever, amazingly could fit all in especially those inflatable devil-like spikes. And in the middle of the whole fire devil dress lies the image of a womb with a baby inside and wiggly hands. Why is this so? ZOMG this is so essay-worthy to be written, why this and that. But thus far, no news and I'm still trying to finish reading The Sunday Times which is about 10cm thick, in which I've thought that it would make the headlines, but I think the Jack Neo affair has been big quite a while and I'm nodding my head in agreement to the articles' points.

During the show with either Taiwan/Singapore artists that comes out to get awards then sings or vice versa, some of them were interesting, especially a cappella pop music mash up with the lady who's an actress in various Singapore dramas.

*forgive the order, it is not. Editing it later since I've also forgotten which is which*

Here's a pop pianist with a beautiful voice, previously played with the piano and singing live, then suddenly after he got his award two people came up, saying it's from his fan club, and then the whole fan club who had come and prepared went up on stage and created this kind of short skit with the song and danced/sing together! I wish we could do that!
Pretty cute too and when he starts to play the piano then he looks even more handsome. XD

"Make some noise!"
- Dubu, Sunday's special showcase

See more at SHINee Singapore! plus the IMM showcase meet!

and bid them goodbye as they're now boarding/on the plane.

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melia said...

yr report is veru useful and make the fan who were not able to attend the show can feel and imagine whats going on the stage. mmmmh nw you are suc proff reporter, good job my dear!!!!