Today marks a special day in the calendar and fellow Fashion Textile peers: their very first exhibition! And it's also the first textile exhibition in Singapore. Though small-scaled, but a team of 12 (correct me if I'm wrong, fellas) have sweat blood to stitch and sew french knots and twirly knots for the past month of their life, sleepless.

So here I am, the only 1-week special exhibition of the textiles,
"The Manipulators"

Held in Project Space, LASALLE College of the Arts till' this Sunday.

•Yosepin! She's the designer of the one previously above this image - the brownish violin-like prints.•


 •dire french knots!•

My personal favorite: colors and drapes!

With the designers... (ex-FH3C too! :D)

•Take one!•

 •Take silly two!•

•Me and Fang-fang:)•

Proud students of Fashion Textiles (and I do blend in well) wear colorful patterns, ethnic or romantic vintage, or those optical illusions... and today I match well with the showcased work! I shall need to be put to a mannequin for my beautiful red batik dress...

Anyone taking it do let me know - credits and a little drop-a-note wouldn't hurt! :)
For sure you need to see it for yourself. It's breathtaking by just first years'!


Today was unexpectedly appropriate for the event - I first wanted to wear my Next tunic embellished with sequins, it has been hanging for the past half year not wearing, but then the day grew so hot, and remembered that my mom has brought me a red dress, light cotton beach-pretty batik dress, and I thought of wearing it since it's big and billowy to keep me cool.

A good thing was that I also remembered my black over-sized blazer, and pairing it up, it's just nice for school! Not casual, still acceptable. And yes, so then I dressed up well for the event. :D

•wearing over-sized blazer, Batik Keris spaghetti strap dress, Buddha charm necklace, Turkish charm necklace, Dolce Vita strappy leather sandals.
Recycled-material green tote bag•

•Yeah, I did manipulate the way I do my blazer. Three buttons, different destinations. Drape Rape!•

•There's something ethereal, surreal about this self-shoot. I was trying the high-fashion pose where this pose makes me have the hour-glass shape, slimmer and better! Boy do I like my warrior sandals.•

•The wind also works today outside the balcony - and no, I don't smoke, but the pose does have that suggestion. Pretty natural for a not? Tee hee•

Alright - back to my Pasta love!

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