New and Old Flame.



get ready for a whutderrfakqizvis nose-bleed image spamming session! no one touches my milky boys!

 dearest 노민우,

you sure do remind me of dear Kim Jae Wookie! <3

The rare males that has long hair and is still handsome yet gorgeous. Tantalizing but always is optimistic to meet you all! AND WHUT, YOU PLAY THE DRUMS? *lovesick*

BGSP! Where did you go...

•I'd have to say this is a rare moment of him being purely happy•


(after if I meet him)

Super SMEXXY (Bye Yunho WDF why people say he's so)


will definitely cast him in every show if I ever do organize/have my own/whatever campaign. Alongside with Keagan. Tee-hee!

but then I've also always missed little adorable eccentric just-different Hyuk-Soo. I loved how I found him working with fabulous Begi (I was aghast in an absolutely awesome way, jaw-dropped) and it's cult videos! I wish I could cherish it, but it can't be downloaded. So please don't delete your MySpace account although it's sooo yesterday, Hasangbegi-ssi! :D


Oh, his recent updates from his Cyworld in photo section's adorably funny, an old picture of him.


*sizzles well burnt*

 I HATE ENVY this girl who's age is just an 'A' month away from me! Same mere age and will be blowing her legal candles in just 3 days! She's the actress Kim who goes to the same company with him and he's such a gentleman escorting her, meanwhile I HATE ENVY HIS DEAR GIRL, Kim Min Hee the model, 4 years older. Nyoooh~

Juuuuust Kidding.

No, I really do envy her T__T

ROFLMAO on the floor! Bang for your buck! Whutderrfakq.


but do please, not compare with Amber? He She is handsome with one-eye! I've always seen her, omo, this guy is handsome - wait, isn't it Amber? OH MY GOODNESS not another Freja Beha moment! (She's the definition of the hot and cool)

Hey! I'd have to admit that I'm late, but heya NUTHANG, pronounced New-Thang, (New Thing, the ITs man) I'd research forever on each of them. IDK the ones I'm making them my trendsetter is a part of a clique cult!

In conclusion, the South Koreans and Japan fashion industry can work so well together - I shall be the mediator, one who makes it happen.

The South Koreans have the face of the phuture, and Japanese creates the most radical clothes that fits the face, which is posted in the next post.

A BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS CONCLUSION, don't you guys agree! My long life work goals. Until it's achieved, my RAM will work hard to be in the connection!

whut, Ki? 本? Tree? Key? Huh, who's he? xD


ladies goodnight! 

a wonderful dream awaits.

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